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Go Game - with wooden storage compartments for the pieces
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Go Game - with wooden storage compartments for the pieces

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Product Information

TypeWood Games
DimensionsBoard Measures 15.1 in x 11.8 in x 1.3 in / 38.3 cm x 30 cm x 3.2 cm

Product Description

Wooden Go game with storage compartments for the pieces.

Go is a game played by two players. The game board has 19 grid lines going horizontal and vertical.

A game of Go starts with an empty board. Each player has an effectively unlimited supply of stones, one taking the Black stones, the other taking White. The basic object of the game is to use one's stones to form territories by surrounding vacant areas of the board. It is also possible to capture the opponent's stones by completely surrounding them.

The players take turns, placing one of their stones on a vacant point at each turn. Black plays first. Note that the stones are placed on the intersections of the lines rather than in the squares. Once played, stones are not moved. However they may be captured, in which case they are removed from the board, and kept by the capturing player as prisoners. At the end of the game, the players count one point for each vacant point inside their own territory, and one point for every stone they have captured. The player with the larger total of territory plus prisoners is the winner.

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5 rating

1 Reviews

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    On Wednesday December 21st   Eduard wrote,
"The object of the game is to surround your opponents pieces to render the player unable to move his pieces" is terribly wrong !! Please Google!