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Jigsaw Puzzle 29
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Jigsaw Puzzle 29

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Product Information

ObjectPut all the jigsaw pieces into the frame provided
DifficultyLevel 10 - Mind Boggling
BrandYuu Asaka
TypesPacking Puzzles, Yuu Asaka, Acrylic Puzzles
DimensionsTray measures: 13.7 cm x 13.7 cm x 0.7 cm / 5.4 in x 5.4 in x 0.25 in

Product Description

Jigsaw Puzzle 29 was awarded the Jury Honorable Mention at the IPP38 in San Diego.  Fit all 29 of the Jigsaw Pieces into the tray provided.  How are you able to fit 29 pieces into a 5x5 grid???  There are also 5 corner pieces in this puzzle!

The pieces are made from acrylic and although they look like standard jigsaw pieces this is not a traditional jigsaw puzzle. Please note that acrylic colors may vary slightly. 

Originally made and designed by Yuu Asaka, Puzzle Master has been granted permission for a limited time by the designer to produce some of his puzzle designs in Canada!

The tray measures: Tray measures: 13.7 cm x 13.7 cm x 0.7 cm / 5.4 in x 5.4 in x 0.25 in


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Customer Reviews |

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3.9 rating

27 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Tuesday November 2nd Nate wrote,
Loved the puzzle. Took about 20 minutes but only because I’ve done other puzzles in this series.
    On Friday April 17th Mo wrote,
Great game but not worth the money. It’s too easy to solve. Personally I think Wave Puzzle 5 is better than this one.
    On Friday April 3rd Joseph wrote,
Brilliant concept superbly realized. The pieces fit just fine. (A note to those who claim the pieces don't fit, and this is an adage regarding all puzzles: If you are forcing any pieces, you have them placed incorrectly; please try again.) Both the Jigsaw 19 and Jigsaw 29 are outstanding.
    On Sunday January 12th Mike wrote,
Fun puzzle, but the quality is not worth the price. Several pieces had chips along the straight edges. A few pieces didn’t quite fit or line up perfectly, even though they were correct. Would love to try other Asaka puzzles, but was a bit disappointed by the quality here.
    On Friday January 3rd Roy Liechty wrote,
I purchased 3 Puzzles similar to this one, and they were all wonderful quality. they went together well, pieces fit nicely and had a smooth finish. however this one was just the opposite. there was a sharp edge and overhang on the bottom of each piece. This required me to spend several hours sanding and smoothing out the joints to achieve a smooth fit and finish. even when this was done the puzzle didn't fit inside the square frame well. It was too tight and required some sanding and smoothing of the outside edges as well. With that being said... I really enjoyed the puzzle and found it a good way to have guests sit around and stay entertained while chatting.
    On Saturday November 23rd Anne wrote,
I saw a review for this puzzle on youtube and thought it would be a great present for my dad. After a few months I got my hands on one. Cause I live in Germany I had to pay taxes, but I thought who cares, if it is a great puzzle! Then the puzzle arrived and I was SO dissapointed! First I was sad, that it didnnt come in any sort of box, but just in a plastic bag and when I unpacked the puzzle and all the parts, they had sharp edges, the white ground is poorly glued and everything just feels cheap. So I have a present which looks like I bought it from China for $2, when acutally I payed ~ C$74 (with taxes) for it...because of the taxes and shipping it didnt make sense to send it back so now I am stuck with it.. Also I feel kind of embarrassed when I think about giving it away.. I dont know, if I got a 'monday product', because the comments diverge. I just know, I am very dissapointed!
    On Saturday November 9th s wrote,
the puzzle itself is great! my issue comes with the product's quality. one of the pieces arrived broken, and while i was able to somewhat super glue it back together, it didnt last long. that being said most of the pieces were extremely tight and it was almost impossible to get the pieces in, and one of the pieces actually cracked during the process. i could forgive a bit of resistance when it comes to things like these but the amount of force needed for this was beyond ridiculous, making it almost impossible to solve. i will try to get in touch with support to see if i can get things sorted out in the meantime, since had it not had these defects it would've been a great puzzle
    On Thursday October 3rd Tim wrote,
Brought after seeing it on Chris Ramsay's channel. It was a interesting puzzle, but I wasted time with pieces that were too tight and didn't seem to fit, even though they were the only piece remaining. The manufacturing on this could do with some quality control. Pieces should lot in easily, without being tight. The last piece was the only logical piece, and was so tight I thought the wrong one had been included in the pack.
    On Monday August 26th Sally wrote,
Very satisfying but super easy to solve. I was expecting a much higher difficulty level with 10 written on it. I finished it in less than 45 minutes. When you get how to put the pieces together it really is easy. Not worth the price though.
    On Tuesday August 13th Sarah wrote,
i bought it and i was really happy that it came early, and everything was going great till so many pieces wouldn't fit together and that made it really hard to try multiple pieces and due to the tightness one of the pieces broke and there were a lot that wouldn't fit.
    On Monday August 12th Daniel wrote,
I really love the puzzle itself. It was hard, weird and every piece that fit gave me satisfaction. I'll give 4 stars because the puzzle itself deserves a high rating, but I can't give the last star due to quality. There's 2 pieces that fit together very tightly and required using force. The rest is of good quality though, but pushing those 2 pieces together gave me doubts that isn't really a part of the puzzle. I put one of those tight pieces in last, so I'm absolutely certain it was supposed to go there.
    On Saturday August 10th david wrote,
I enjoyed solving this puzzle. It took me about an hour and I didn't find it too frustrating, enjoying the challenge. So much so I've ordered a similar puzzle. Reading the other reviews, there appear to be concerns over quality. I found that pieces fitted together, though not tightly, the small gaps made me question whether pieces were in the right place, I took this to add to the puzzle. I did notice small chips in some pieces. Overall I feel that the quality is appropriate for the price/puzzle. I'm looking forward to sharing it and watching other people attempt it.
    On Thursday August 8th Suzanne Lyons wrote,
There is an imperfection on one of the pieces that makes it obvious which way is up. Kind of a bummer, I solved this thing in like 15 minutes. I'll be contacting support to see if I can get a replacement. It would make a good coffee table piece, but yeah it wasn't anywhere near level 10.
    On Tuesday August 6th Alf wrote,
5 stars! Good quality. Great fun! No problem with poor cutting etc, that other users have mentioned.
    On Tuesday August 6th Ibrahim Al-saba wrote,
It was a very fun and challenging puzzle. However, some of the pieces where not cut smoothly. Also, when the puzzle was complete one of the pieces had a noticeable gap between it and the side of the board. I know this is a replica made by puzzle master but next time I think I will just try to buy straight from Mr. Asaka.
    On Wednesday July 31st Evan Dewey wrote,
Takes over an hour to solve. Definitely had its frustrating moments, but I wouldn't say it was difficulty 10. The pieces are sturdy, and once solved it looks very satisfying. I'm placing it on my coffee table as a conversation starter.
    On Saturday July 20th Kat wrote,
Despite other reviews, I didn't have tight fitted puzzle piece issues. My only gripe with manufacturing is that I had hoped the puzzle pieces would fit nicely in the base that's given, there's about a 2mm gap horizontally & vertically which makes pieces shuffle around too easily when complete given the smooth plastic material of the entire jigsaw (additionally, this also makes it a little hard to pick up out of the base since the plastic is so smooth). In all, no biggie for me as this puzzle is a satisfying puzzle to complete once you get how it all fits together.
    On Saturday July 13th K P wrote,
A very clever design by Yuu Asaka but poorly crafted with poor material. I completed the puzzle with great satisfactory but when I tried to take it apart, due to the bad cutting of edges, some pieces are stuck together and very easily broken even when you apply the slightest force. Very disappointed that it is broken after a single playthrough and I am not able to share this geniusly designed puzzle with my friends. And it's not cheap so I cannot afford to buy a new one.
    On Friday July 12th Anita wrote,
The puzzle itself is really cool and a bit tricky. I recommend it for puzzle lovers. But i think the Level 10 rank is a bit too high, I solved this in about an hour. Maybe I was lucky and found the right starting point at first try ;)
    On Friday July 12th Anthony wrote,
This is a great puzzle, but as previously mentioned this new batch seems to be let down by the manufacturer. My puzzle had two pieces that were a very tight fight and the heads were not quite the right shape. I left them till last so there was no chance of an incorrect placement I also checked a solution online after I finished.
    On Thursday July 4th Bruh wrote,
Hey guys, don't give a bad review just because you didn't get one today. You did not receive the product but there is no rain to hurt it. The reviews don't affect the website. Also, this puzzle is great. Looks great and is an interesting challenge. Well worth it.
    On Thursday July 4th Matthew wrote,
I also know the struggle of trying to get this puzzle. I had been on the notify list since January and had not been having luck. I checked back in 2 weeks ago and was able to get it, but I just got my email notification today, after it was sold out again. Seems like the email notice was sent way too late. The puzzle is amazing however!
    On Monday July 1st Francois wrote,
The Puzzle itself is amazing ! Tricky, and yet it looks very simple. The only problem is the manufacturing : pieces are cut in a very loose way and thus don't perfectly fit. They are now made by puzzlemasters, and not by Yuu Asaka. I think quality has decreased, which is a shame for such an expensive puzzle.
    On Monday June 24th anderson wrote,
    On Sunday June 9th Elliot wrote,
Jigsaw puzzle junkie, as is my wife and mother. Picked this up as an stocking stuffer idea and had to give it a try. Very clever, will have to pick up the others now.
    On Saturday December 1st Thelonious_Cube wrote,
I'm not ordinarily a big fan of jigsaw puzzles, but this is no ordinary jigsaw. First, there's the frame - it's square. But there are 29 pieces (29? How does that work?) As you assemble things, you'll notice some other oddities - are there enough edge pieces? Or too many? How about corners? You would expect 4 corner-pieces, wouldn't you? Sorry to disappoint. Then you start to notice other things...I'll stop there so as not to give too much away. Suffice to say, this is a really fun and puzzling puzzle - well worth the effort.
    On Saturday December 1st Murray wrote,
This is not your normal jigsaw puzzle. I received my copy of this puzzle several weeks ago directly from the designer. I attempted to solve it in the conventional way, but found out quickly that there was much more to the solution. The traditional "start with the edge pieces" approach came to a screeching halt when I discovered there were more than four corner pieces and when the edges were connected, they didn't quite fit within the confines of the tray. I highly recommend this brain teaser jigsaw puzzle.