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Cast Love
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Cast Love

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ObjectAssemble and Disassemble puzzle
DifficultyLevel 5 - Easy
TypesHanayama Metal Puzzles, Scott Eliott
Dimensions4.5 cm x 4 cm x 1.7 cm / 1.75 in x 1.5 in x 0.65 in
PackagingCardboard box

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Product Info

The Hanayama Cast Love Metal Puzzle is a 3D mechanical puzzle that will challenge and delight puzzle enthusiasts. This custom puzzle is a beautiful representation of love and affection, making it a thoughtful gift for him or her. Designed by the renowned American designer Scott Elliott

    • Designed by Scott Elliott, a master puzzle designer
    • Metal puzzle with intricate design
    • 3D puzzle that challenges spatial reasoning
    • Mechanical puzzle that requires problem-solving skills
    • Handmade with high-quality metal materials

Why it's the perfect gift:

    • Great for puzzle lovers and adults who enjoy a challenge
    • Unique gift for him that will challenge and entertain
    • Romantic and thoughtful gift for your loved one
    • Improves problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination
    • A great conversation starter for any room
    • A fun and engaging activity for metal puzzle enthusiasts
    • Designed by a renowned puzzle designer, making it a true masterpiece

Order now and experience the genius of Scott Elliott's design with the Cast Love Metal Puzzle!

Customer Reviews

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4.9 rating

14 Reviews

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    On Monday May 8th Brandon Rankin wrote,
An incredibly satisfying solution. Even after you solve it, it will sit on your desk as a fidget toy. Also incredibly beautiful. It could easily be an anniversary or Valentine's gift for the right person.
    On Monday October 24th mzb wrote,
My wife and I were pretty stumped for a day or two, thinking we had tried everything. The solution is very nice. Can’t wait to let friends try this one.
    On Wednesday October 19th DonB wrote,
This arrived with the pieces separated, which is necessary for it to be a puzzle. If the pieces came assembled, it would be too easy traverse the disassembly moves. I really like how smoothly the pieces move together, and once I had it together, it was one that I took apart and put together multiple times, just because of the smooth way they fit. I also like the heaviness of this puzzle. It makes a great desk weight, and something to offer others when they visit. Very satisfying puzzle from Hanayama.
    On Sunday September 25th Jim T wrote,
I have 20+ Hanayama puzzles, and this one in particular is a must buy in my opinion. It looks and feels great. While it's on the easier side (the rating is accurate), the solution is very satisfying and elegant.
    On Wednesday October 13th Chris wrote,
Wonderful puzzle. Really love the quality feel and just the shapes look so hard to get right. Really happy and wanted to send some to my aunt but they are out of stock! More please!
    On Saturday September 25th Christopher Coronado wrote,
Super fun! Really liked it.
    On Wednesday September 1st Bryan wrote,
This is the cutest puzzle I own. I didn't think I'd be recommending a puzzle specifically for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, stocking stuffer or birthday for a significant other, but this is it. I think the challenge rating on this from Puzzle Master and Hanayama in the "easy" category is appropriate. It took me about 15 minutes of fidgeting to solve the puzzle. And after putting it away for a month, I forgot exactly how to solve it and it took me another few minutes to remember. When you know how to solve it, the two identical pieces really slide together like butter in a very smooth and satisfying motion. The build quality is very good, with a pleasing mirror finish and a nice hefty weight for the size. This is a well made little puzzle guaranteed to put a smile on your or your partner's face, and a good introduction to beginner puzzlers curious to try out Hanayama's puzzles.
    On Friday May 28th Hollis Williams wrote,
A really nice-looking, simple puzzle which also has some weight to it and could be used as a paperweight. It's fun to give it to friends and family and see if they can figure out the move which you need to do to solve it.
    On Sunday May 16th Matt wrote,
Another nice product from Hanayama. I'd say it was reasonably challenging for its price, size, and only being two pieces. Certainly solvable but a lot of fun to fidget with for awhile. The polished cast metal has a satisfying weight and hand feel. My only complaint is that mine had a couple small blemishes in the finish where it looks like the plating process wasn't totally successful.
    On Thursday December 3rd გიორგი wrote,
    On Tuesday November 17th Sapientum wrote,
I was afraid this wouldn't be enough of a challenge, but I was so wrong! The heart came already broken, and I almost convinced myself that it was impossible, when it finally came together. The solution makes perfect sense, given the name of the puzzle.
    On Thursday October 1st Sana wrote,
Love the puzzle! I like how it came in disassembled! Took a while (more like 30 min embarrassing lol) of fiddling around to actually solve it so its a really nice puzzle. The weight of the metal and the quality of it is so nice. Feels good in the hand. Puzzle is relatively small, fits in the palm of my (small) hand but has heft to it. Also shipping wise it came in relatively quickly, took about 2 weeks to come in. Would definitely recommend buying!
    On Monday September 28th Gustavo Canaveral wrote,
I love hanayama puzzles. love the feel, weight and look of this puzzle. a little challenging for my 8 year old. lol
    On Wednesday August 26th Neal Seidlitz wrote,
Wow! What a sweet puzzle! I love that it comes unsolved so you can’t figure out the solution right away! The solution is so satisfying, like butter when it slides together! I actually spent more time than I thought I would but I can see how some might get it quicker as well! Worth every dollar! Hanyama never fails to impress!
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