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A1puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Quality Crosswords and Puzzles

American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Directed by New York Times Crossword Puzzle Editor Will Shortz, this is the nation's oldest and largest crossword competition. Solvers tackle eight original crosswords created and edited specially for this event. Scoring is based on accuracy and speed. Prizes are awarded in more than 20 categories, including a $5,000 grand prize. Evening games, guest speakers, and a wine and cheese reception allow solvers to meet each other in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Archimedes Lab Puzzle Site (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Puzzles to make and to solve, plus optical illusions to experiment with.

Clue Search Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
The Clue Search Puzzles mission is to provide an entertaining and educational experience through the distribution of our unique word puzzles.

Conceptis Logic Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Conceptis Puzzles are exciting, language-independent logic puzzles that form whimsical pixel-composed pictures when solved. Challenging and deductive, these easy-to-learn puzzles offer the ultimate mix of logic, art, and fun, while providing solvers with many hours of mentally stimulating entertainment.

CrosScan Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
CrosScan is a stimulating combination of crossword, word search, word play and trivia, with a rich assortment of themes.

Crosstips (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Crossword solver, fast and simple.

Crosswordese (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
A website devoted to the hundreds of words frequently found in crossword puzzles but seldom found in everyday conversation.

Crossword Heaven (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Crossword Heaven is a crossword clue search engine which will help you find answers to clues and words you are stuck on.

Crosswords For Fun (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Discover the benefits of doing puzzles on a regular basis and keep your brain and mind fit and active - crosswords, codewords, word search and Sudoku. We have puzzles for all ages!

Cryptic Crossword Solver (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Learn Cryptic (English) Crosswords Fast! Our e-learning tutorials use the latest teaching techniques with rich multimedia. Visit our site for a free sample tutorial.

Fine Crosser (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Crossword puzzle maker, online crossword, PDA crossword.

Free Griddlers (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Hundreds of free online griddler puzzles that will keep you busy for hours!

Free Picross Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Free picross puzzles and solutions to print out all with nice original artwork!

HalfSecret (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Free online crossword puzzle games with an unusual design.

Hanging Hyena (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
word game solvers and creativity tools

History Crossword Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
HISTORY CROSSWORD PUZZLES offers 10 sets of history related crossword puzzles: U.S. History - World History - 20th Century In Review Geography - Civics - Economics - Historic Dates - World's Countries & Leaders World's Great Authors - World's Great Artists.

Just Riddles and More (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
"Entertainment for your brain!" - A FREE, fun collection of riddles, puzzles, games, illusions, quizzes, downloads and other activities to stimulate your brain! Over 900 pages of fun for everyone!

Kentucky Crosswords (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
offers hundreds of free word puzzles and games to print or play online: easy general knowledge crosswords, sports crosswords, word search puzzles, number or letter sudoku, logic puzzles, puzzles just for kids, and more...

Kindergarten Sudoku (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Kindergarten Sudoku provides several children puzzle books for kids of ages 4 - 8 years and up. It is the home of the best selling book "Kindergarten Sudoku: 4x4 Sudoku Puzzles for Kids.

Krazydad's Free Printable Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Free Printable Sudoku, Kakuro and Slitherlink puzzles.

Logic Games Online (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
A great site for online games like Sudoku.

Monkeying Around (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
“The Original” Revolutionizing the World of Dot-to-Dots since 2000!

PettProjects Crosswords (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Selection of general knowledge crossword puzzles as well as USA travel web pages, non-fiction book reviews, and wildlife.

Printable Sudoku Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Free Sudoku puzzles to print that range from easy to very hard.

Puzzle Choice (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
If you like puzzles and games then there are many different types of printable and interactive CROSSWORDS for you to choose from plus a daily US style crossword. Check out our WORD SEARCH puzzles or take a look at the WORDPLAY section for a great choice of anagrams, brainteasers, and other printable word games. Test your trivia knowledge with a QUIZ or give your mind a workout with some original LOGICor NUMBER PUZZLES. ONLINE GAMES includes jigsaws, mazes, memory games and a choice selection of classic puzzles and games.

Puzzle Express (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)

Puzzle Madness (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Daily Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku, Kids Sudoku, KenKen, and Nonograms puzzles. Different puzzle types being added all the time!

Puzzlemakers (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Puzzlemakers .... makers of puzzles such as logic and crosswords

Rocco V, Giannetta (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
A television crossword puzzle game show.

Speed Sudoku (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Play fast-paced Sudoku races online for free. At Speed Sudoku, we've taken your favorite puzzle to the next level and made it fun again. Our unique sudoku races are fast-paced and can pit you against killer sudoku players from around the world. With experience, you'll improve your times and move up the ranks. What's more, you'll get to interact with opponents from all over the world and become part of our exciting web community. It's free to play, so what are you waiting for? Register now!

Sudoku Collection (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
A collection of printable Sudoku puzzles with various levels of difficulty, plus Big Sudoku, Giant Sudoku, Daily printable Sudoku, Online Sudoku and Kids Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku Online (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Play Sudoku Online and get the solutions for your Sudoku Puzzles at Sudoku Jackpot

Sudoku Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Play online now or print this sudoku puzzle to enjoy later! Or, design your own custom sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku Up 2009 (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Addictive Sudoku with Professional Statistics!

Sudoku World (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Free Sudoku Puzzle to play online and offline, Free Sudoku Puzzle for your site content, Free Sudoku Puzzle Solver.

Suduro (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Description: Welcome to, the home of Suduro, a fun, elegant new variation on Sudoku, with the challenges of Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles combined. If you already know and enjoy Sudoku, these offer a challenging new dimension to your puzzling.

Sumarai Sudoku (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Literally thousands of free samurai sudoku puzzles to download all graded by difficulty!

The Online Crossword Dictionary (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
Free Online Crossword Dictionary that lets you search by either clue or pattern. Will help you solve all your crossword puzzle clues.

The Puzzling World of Barry R Clarke (Crosswords, Sudoku, etc.)
The puzzles on view here are entirely my own invention and have been selected from my column in The Daily Telegraph (UK) and from my various books.

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