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Fusion 8 Puzzle & Fidget
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Fusion 8 Puzzle & Fidget

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ObjectTwist the bands to tighten. Unscramble to loosen.
DifficultyLevel 5 - Easy
Types3D Printed Puzzles, Fidget Toys, Doug Engel
Dimensions5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm / 2 in x 2 in x 2 in
PackagingCardboard Box

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Fusion8 emulates a radioactive element with an atomic weight of 8. Thus four 'neutrons' and four 'protons'. When Fused it has 8 'particles' held together by rubber bands. You can fidget the orbs around moving them into various interesting sphere packing arrangements. The rubber bands are entangled by being twisted together orb to orb. After some fidgeting the bands and pieces get very loose, thus losing their 'Gluon' fusion property. You will soon find that depending on your fusing technique 'fission' may take longer to happen. Fuse by twisting pairs of orbs from each four particle element.

The bands are robust and made to last. The puzzle will 'fission' if you fidget it randomly. The twisted bands will favor orb moves that reduce twist, reducing energy. It works very well as a fusion-fission puzzle. But is it really a puzzle? Yes!! You can twist fusion it in many ways. It may be possible to twist so that fission takes much longer. It is also possible to (cheat), make it non radioactive by passing a ball between two associated bands in the interior of the opposite element. Fusion8 combines stem thinking, simplicity, and complex tangling of the unseen interior.

This item is 3D printed and handmade so expect minor imperfections.

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