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Cast Square
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Cast Square

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ObjectTake apart and put back together
DifficultyLevel 9 - Gruelling
TypesHanayama Metal Puzzles, Vesa Timonen
Dimensions1 7/8 in x 1 7/8 in x 1/2 in / 4.8 cm x 4.8 cm x 1.3 cm
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

Challenge yourself with the Cast Square, a sleek and intricate metal puzzle that will put your problem solving skills to the test. This 3D puzzle from Hanayama Huzzle features a unique design that requires you to think outside the box and use your spatial reasoning to solve it.

This puzzle consists of four pieces that combine to form a square. Your objective is to separate and then reassemble the pieces. What's more, these pieces have a secret: each time their arrangement is changed when recreating the original shape, the solution changes. Are you up to the challenge of completely solving the riddle of this square?

With its sturdy construction and challenging solution, the Cast Square from Finnish designer Vesa Timonen is a must have for any puzzle enthusiast.

Product Details

  • Material: Metal
  • Category: Metal Puzzles
  • Difficulty level: Challenging, 9/10.
Ideal for

  • Men and women who love metal mechanical puzzles and brain teasers.
  • Adults seeking a fun and intellectual challenge.
  • Puzzle lovers looking for a unique and custom gift.
  • Hard to buy for individuals.
  • Birthday or Christmas.
  • Anyone seeking a unique gift for the puzzle enthusiast in their life.
Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's. Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5, their level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

Customer Reviews

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3 rating

27 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Saturday September 16th Puzzle Shiva wrote,
One of my favorites to show people. Solution was intuitively easy and putting it back together is the harder part lol! Took under 10 mins to solve and over half hour to put back together.
    On Wednesday May 19th lin wrote,
If you assemble with the same color piece in the same side, it's different difficulty. you can't disassemble it without some tools. Just try it.
    On Tuesday May 18th Ian wrote,
I like the design of this puzzle however it is far too easy to deserve the rating. I'd say this is a level 7 or easy 8.
    On Monday May 10th Ryan Pronger wrote,
Looks awesome, feels great...but way too easy. Solved in no time at all. There is no way this was more difficult than the chess piece set...either way, I’m happy with it yet disappointed with the difficulty.
    On Saturday November 30th Gary wrote,
Beautiful work of art puzzle, but as others have experienced, it came apart by accident for me after about 1 minute. Possible due to the pieces being a bit too loose?
    On Thursday January 3rd Quinton Jones wrote,
got apart easely but cant get it back together i have even looked it up and none of the things i saw worked please help me.
    On Thursday September 28th Anonamus :) wrote,
Mediocre. Took it apart almost instantly looked at it and put it back together in less than less than 20 second. fun to see your friends try though. XD
    On Friday April 1st luxige wrote,
This is potentially an excellent puzzle. It is nice looking and well made, and the neat thing is that there are three different way to assemble it requiring different solutions. Unfortunately the solution from the starting configuration is very easy to find by accident. (I found a different and more interesting solution from the published one. It's also closer in style to the solution for the alternate configurations, so I wonder if it is actually the one the designer had in mind). Once the puzzle is opened, the inner secret has been given away which makes it a lot easier to figure out the solution to the other configurations. What a shame that Hanayama sends this out in this configuration, because the solution to the alternate configs is pretty clever and not something you could find by accident. (I also found a second solution for the alternate configs which is more reliable but not very interesting). My suggestion: don't work on the puzzle, but pass it to a fellow puzzler and have them solve it and return it to you in an alternate configuration. Then you'll have a five star puzzle on your hands.
    On Wednesday January 8th Jeff wrote,
This puzzle is in no way a 10 difficulty, it was way too easy. It will just fall apart in your hands after some fiddling because you won't actually understand how it works until it is solved. Putting it back together is only slightly harder than taking it apart.
    On Tuesday September 3rd Shaggy wrote,
This is the last one I got from level 6 (10 on this site) of the Cast puzzles (although, now the ratings are changed by Hanayama). It is a beautiful puzzle. Unique movements and shapes of the pieces. I like its design. But it is solvable by chance, and unlike other puzzles, the chance here is very big. I found the correct solution, though, when the pieces of one kind are opposite on the square. But I still do not know how to solve logically the other solution - when two pieces of one kind are next to each other on the square - I always use the chance to separate the pieces in this case. Nevertheless, the creator of the puzzle did a good job. One of the best ideas for a puzzle.
    On Friday August 2nd chris wrote,
mine worked find, and was kinda easy to solve, but after i solved it a few times and put back together, it is now jammed, and i cant solve it. part inside must have got stuck.
    On Sunday March 4th robbo wrote,
This puzzle is easy to take apart. But their is a special way to put it back together so you can undo it without relying on shaking it or luck.
    On Saturday February 18th jake wrote,
great puzzle, solved it but cant put it back together... can somone please help me?
    On Thursday February 9th silke wrote,
very dissapointed.. was too easy to solve, it didn't even take half an hour..
    On Sunday December 11th puldis wrote,
Easy to (accidentally) solve, but it does go back together in 2 more ways in addition to the original, which both are more difficult to solve than the original setup.
    On Monday February 14th Erik wrote,
I spent 1 hour and could not take it apart, then my friend tried and after 3 minutes it just fell apart in his hands. annoying... (T_T). anyway, COOL puzzle!
    On Friday January 21st john acord wrote,
I like this puzzle very much, it is one of my favorite, even though it is not too difficult. Sometimes the ones that are not too difficult, can be be the most fun. The design is very creative, and my favorites are the ones that have personality, like a work of art, it is a little sculpture.
    On Friday January 7th Thomas wrote,
This puzzle looks really cool but it's very easy to solve. In fact it'll probably just fall apart in your hands.
    On Friday January 7th Thomas wrote,
This puzzle looks really cool but it's very easy to solve. In fact it'll probably just fall apart in your hands.
    On Tuesday December 28th MikeB wrote,
I give it 3 because it looks and feels so elegant but as a puzzle it is a fail. It comes apart too easy. Even though there is a trick to it, there are visible cues to the trick almost immediately you get it moving. Not hard to take apart and once apart you can see the trick making reassembly easy.
    On Wednesday November 17th Pentti wrote,
Not even close to 6 hanayama stars. 2 could be better rating. Very disappointed with this...
    On Thursday November 4th Solarmew wrote,
Very pretty puzzle, nice to fiddle with, but it kinda easy. Took it apart in two minutes, put it back together just as fast (probably because i already knew what to do from similar Hanayama puzzle). Not sure why it says arrangement of the pieces changes, when the solution is really the same every time no matter how you hold it, no matter which piece goes where ... I even checked the solution after solving it and it still solves all the same every which way.
    On Saturday May 1st Slartibartfast wrote,
Dissapointingly easy to take apart. Assembly is not mutch harder. It looks great though :)
    On Thursday April 22nd thanos wrote,
    On Wednesday April 7th Tom wrote,
Nice puzzle, but really easy. A great concept but a bad realization. I took it apart by accident in 2 minutes and assembled in 5. I'm disapointed. Not recommend.
    On Saturday March 6th George wrote,
This puzzle is quite easy to take apart by accident. You're not sure what you did that worked, but it is apart. I had more difficulty putting it back together, but then you have the advantage that you can inspect each piece and see how it works. Not 5 starts in difficulty, but a very well made puzzle.
    On Wednesday February 24th likepuzzle wrote,
This puzzle is so easy... This solved the puzzle in the mountains 20 minutes. Changing the placement of the piece is a little harder, but that is not very difficult... At the same level much easier than other puzzles. However, a very neat view.
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