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Titan Brass

$ 219.99 CAD Canadian Flag

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Product Information

ObjectTake apart the sphere and reassemble.
DifficultyLevel 10 - Mind Boggling
BrandPuzzle Master
TypesFelix Ure, Premium Collectible Metal Puzzles
Dimensions5 cm diameter
PackagingCardboard Box

Product Description

As its namesake suggests, the Titan sphere resembles the largest of Saturn's moons.  It was designed and crafted in London by Felix Ure, and machined from solid brass. Titan measures 50mm in diameter and weighs just over 500 grams. The objective is to open the sphere, which will prove to be an intriguing and challenging task.  

Titan is packaged in a black felt bag tucked in a small black box.

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4.2 rating

5 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Wednesday February 3rd Aleksey wrote,
Incredible puzzle! It's hard to impress me because I want to have both beauty and complexity, and what is very important - the presence of hints from the side of the puzzle, but only as much as necessary for logical conclusions and further actions. The special charm was that inside you can hear not just a "click" and think "ah, this means this ...", but there are so many different sounds going on inside that at first it confused me and I didn't even know how to approach. But over time, you calm down and begin to analyze each sound and try to understand what it means. I am very impressed and would recommend it for those who love challenging puzzles. I think it took about 10 hours to open it, about. Thanks, Felix Ure for this incredible experience.
    On Thursday January 23rd Sam wrote,
I must say this is the hardest, but most rewarding puzzle I have ever solved. Most puzzles last less than an hour with me, but this took 5 days (on and off). If you are looking for a challenge to sink your teeth into, this is top of my recommendation list. Also once you solve it its beautiful to display. I get a lot of comments at the office since I display it on my desk. Thank you for making such a fun puzzle Felix!
    On Wednesday December 11th Jay wrote,
I expect this product to be in new condition when spending over $100 to buy this puzzle or at least mint condition. Also, the box is not even new. It has scratches all over the front with a few marks on the sides and bottom. Disappointed with the new puzzle I received from puzzle master.
    On Sunday September 1st Mark wrote,
Fun puzzle and a great value. Two brass half-spheres. All you get is tactile and sonic feedback, so building an idea of what must be going on inside, and why, is a real challenge. Then implementing that understanding is a whole 'nother challenge :-). Felix has taken a simple concept and wrapped it into a diabolical puzzle that stumped some of the top solvers where no other has... Can't wait for his next one.
    On Sunday August 4th Peter wrote,
Ok. so. I JUST solved the puzzle. It probably took me about 24 hours total (in small chunks). This one really grabbed me. I had dreams about solving this one only to wake up and realize that wasn't the case. When I finally did solve it, it was one of the greatest feelings solving a puzzle ever. Love this puzzle, highly recommend it