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Cast Hourglass
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Cast Hourglass

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ObjectTake apart and put it back together
DifficultyLevel 10 - Mind Boggling
TypesJin-Hoo Ahn, Hanayama Metal Puzzles
Dimensions5.4 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm / 2.13 in x 1 in x 1 in
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

This puzzle is created from two each of two types of pieces. With a scrupulously calculated design and tricky movement of the pieces, this will not be an easy puzzle to solve.

Designed by Korean designer JinHoo Ahn

Customer Reviews

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4.6 rating

5 Reviews

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    On Saturday December 25th Glenn C. Rhoads wrote,
Move over Enigma, a new hardest Hanayama puzzle has emerged. That being said, I still prefer the Enigma puzzle over this. The Enigma puzzle has a logic to it that the Hourglass puzzle lacks. The way the pieces come apart is absolutely unguessable. I wouldn't have imagined how they come apart in a million years. It takes a lot of trial and error (mostly error) to hit upon the solution. I have been a puzzle nut all my life and I now only get the most difficult puzzles possible because anything else is now just too simple for me. I sometimes solve even supposedly difficult puzzles quickly. But not this one. I lost track of how many hours it took me to solve the Hourglass puzzle. The only puzzle I can think of that took me longer to solve was the Yak wire disentanglement puzzle. If you are looking for the hardest puzzles possible, you won't be disappointed by the Hourglass puzzle.
    On Thursday July 15th Joel Denzel wrote,
    On Friday January 22nd JG wrote,
Is this the hardest in the Hanayama series? Yes but mainly due to faulty design. Hourglass is incredibly clunky to handle. I have bruised one of my finger nails slightly (it wasn’t bad and didn’t really hurt), just to give you an idea of how clunky it actually is. Quartet is a much better puzzle designed similar to this one it seems but imo, seems way easier because the design of the puzzle is much more ergonomic. I would say if the handling of the puzzle had better aesthetic to it with no sharp edges, perhaps it would be as difficult as Vortex (which I’m close to solving at this point in time). Of the puzzles I bought so far, still haven’t solved Equa, which is also a better puzzle since it is much better designed and more worth you money if safety of your fingernails from bruising and clunkiness is an issue. Your better off getting Enigma, Vortex, or Equa if you want to get one of the hardest puzzles to offer in the series. I almost solved Enigma on my own but I cheated a little to take it apart and put it back together. If only I was a little more patient, I would of eventually figured it out but it is probably quite a bit harder than Vortex and same difficulty as Equa (which I’m still working on solving but recently bought at the time). You should also redeem yourself by buying Quartet if you don’t have it even if it might be an easy solve for you. It is quite a clever puzzle and imo feels quite similar in design. But... let’s get back to the point here... Is it really worth getting possibly the hardest puzzle in the series? Yea but it will piss you off especially when you start getting bruises on your finger nails and your fingers start hurting from handling the edges of the pieces. You’ve been warned, but it’s I think it’s mostly worth it. This puzzle however needs to be redesigned due to the safety complains I have. Dropping it by 2 stars because of the issues.
    On Monday December 23rd Alexander Markevitch wrote,
Hourglass is the epitome of a puzzlers dream.
    On Friday February 1st Rage wrote,
This puzzle is, in my opinion, Hanayama's hardest without a doubt. Each move requires one to think almost completely backwards to how you think it "should" work, and then to align the pieces with careful precision to execute it. I was able to disassemble this beast after many many hours of working on it, but the reassembly proved too much. If you thought Vortex, Quartet, or Trinity was hard to put back together (and yes I have solved those), this one is worse by a lot. After more hours than I would care to mention I was hopelessly lost in the countless dead ends of the reassembly and had to resort to YouTube.. oh the horror! Jin-Hoo Ahn, my hat is off to you for creating a puzzle that even I thought was too hard. This puzzle definitely belongs in every serious puzzler's collection, I highly encourage you to pick up your copy now!
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