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Cast Twist
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Cast Twist

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Product Information

ObjectTake apart and put back together
DifficultyLevel 8 - Demanding
TypesOskar van Deventer, Hanayama Metal Puzzles
Dimensions1.2 in x 1.6 in x 1.2 in / 3.1 cm x 4 cm x 3.1 cm

Product Description

Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's.  Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5.... level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

Using the grooves, slide the protrusions and attempt to complete this very complicated puzzle.  The assymmetrical design will mesmerize you and bewilder your memory.  The movement is definitely a twist.  The theme for this puzzle is tangle.  It was designed by Oskar van Deventer from the Netherlands.

Here is a link to the production of the Cast Twist for all those who are interested.

Making of Cast Twist

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Customer Reviews |

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4.6 rating

5 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Friday November 13th Cyril wrote,
Much like other 4 star puzzles from Hanayama, this one has a couple tricks to it that will take some learning to figure out, but after that you can get it apart and back together fairly easily (also a beautiful design). I personally really enjoy puzzles like this and cylinder, they are a nice satisfying challenge, but not a potential headache like higher rated puzzles such as Quartet and Equa.
    On Saturday February 8th luxige wrote,
Very nice. The basic idea is pretty clear at a glance, but the actual path of the solution is very tricky to discover. There are some clever dead ends. Don't be tempted to force any movements or you'll be on the wrong track.
    On Sunday February 8th Andrew Parr wrote,
Like any Hanayama puzzle, this is a excellent piece of engineering. Good weight, tight tolerances, and the solution is not obvious. At first, I thought the pieces could only follow one path - the intended solution, but after a few minutes of going in circles, I realized there must be many different routes with only one solution. After a few weeks, I never did find the solution, so I downloaded the pdf from Puzzlemaster. There are a lot of moves required to solve this! I think that's why it has the difficulty rating that it does. This puzzle reminds me of Cast Key Ring, and if I could only choose one, I'd get the Key Ring, but only because it has its name written as an ambigram on it.
    On Sunday November 9th Shaggy wrote,
Terrific! One can play all day long with this, without any success in taking it apart. That is because there is one special place where a different move should be done. I think the difficulty is properly set. And I like both the design and the solution.
    On Saturday June 14th Scott Southard wrote,
A lovely little puzzle that, like several other Hanayama puzzles requires "inverting" the pieces at one point during deconstruction/reconstruction. Nice smooth movement and very solid. The difficulty level of eight seems a bit high; I'd probably rate this one as a seven. Overall a very nice puzzle - attractive, solid, with smooth movements (no need for excess force at any point).