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ObjectGet the Propellor to Spin
DifficultyLevel 10 - Mind Boggling
TypesPremium Collectible Puzzles, Roger D.
Dimensions8 cm x 4.5 cm x 3.6 cm

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Product Info

Propeller is a puzzle by the infamous "Roger D".  Roger D is a mysterious puzzle designer from Germany, and his actual identity is known only to a few. Roger is known throughout the puzzling world for his extremely difficult and high quality machined aluminum puzzles. Roger's puzzles are produced in relatively small numbers and are highly collectible, they are also sold with no information as to the objective of the puzzles and this is classed as adding an extra degree of difficulty to them.

This small puzzle is made of aluminum.  It has three hex nuts and the letters "R" and "D" are inscribed with a directional arrow on the front.  To solve this puzzle you must figure out how to spin the propeller.  Upon first inspection, it doesn't seem to move at all.  A difficult and creative solution to an amazing and collectible puzzle gem.



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4 Reviews

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    On Wednesday June 21st Ren Z.X wrote,
The whole puzzle is very delicate. I can often turn the propeller by accident, but finding a steady solution is extremely difficult. Overall, this is definitely a fascinating puzzle!
    On Thursday September 15th Benno de Grote wrote,
I just solved propeller and I really loved the puzzle! There seems to be some good and bad experiences with this puzzle because some people "solve" this puzzle very quickly despite its difficulty rating of 10. Just as many others I was able to make the propeller spin in just a few minutes of fiddling with the puzzle. Was I disappointed because I solved the puzzle after minutes of trying? NO! I personally don't consider a puzzle solved until I fully understand the mechanism behind the solution. In about 10 or 15 minutes I was able to make the propeller spin each time within a few seconds. However, I had no idea what was happening inside. The way I was able to solve the puzzle was rather awkward and my girlfriend said I looked like a Spanish flamenco dancer. After using my "trick" lots of times over a span of weeks without having the slightest clue why, I decided to take a seat and find a more elegant way to open the puzzle. I had a few theories of what could be happening inside but none of them seemed to work. I then stumbled upon a way to make the propeller spin which was extremely precise. It took me about an hour before I was consistently(-ish) able to pull this trick off. When I tried to show it to my girlfriend it didn't work tho and I figured this also couldn't be the intended way to open the puzzle. It was way too hard to pull it off. Because I now had two ways to open up the puzzle I was able to form a more concrete idea of how the mechanism looked in my mind. After toying a bit with ideas, a simple and elegant mechanism formed in my mind. When I tried to manipulate the puzzle in the way that seemed proper, the puzzle suddenly was able to spin freely! If you only like to solve a puzzle and then put it away, this puzzle probably isn't for you. However if you want to understand how a puzzle works this one will quite possibly drive you crazy. Roger has a way of making a simple mechanism which is devilishly hard to figure out. Solving time: 3-5 hours
    On Thursday July 14th Ryan James wrote,
This puzzle is not worth the price. I love puzzles and collecting them but this puzzle is not a level 10. When I purchased the puzzle the website said the objective was to "remove the propeller" it was later changed (after I bought it) to "make the propeller spin" It took me about 2 min to figure out how to get the propeller to spin. I thought there was more to this puzzle, but I guess not. For the price of this puzzle it should take longer than 2 min to solve. Super disapointed with this one. If you are looking for a challange this is NOT it.
    On Monday May 30th Ben wrote,
Very high quality. The solution makes this puzzle very unique.
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