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B-Lock II Puzzle
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B-Lock II Puzzle

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ObjectOpen the lock.
DifficultyLevel 8 - Demanding
TypesBoaz Feldman, Puzzle Locks, Metal Puzzle Locks
Dimensions6.3 cm x 4 cm x 1.4 cm / 2.5 in x 1.6 in x 0.6 in
PackagingFelt Bag

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Product Info

The B-Lock II is a real functioning padlock, however it requires more than a simple key-turn to open it.

Designed by Boaz Feldman, this puzzle lock is a great successor to the his first B-lock.  It has a different solution than the original B-Lock that will keep you guessing.  The front of the lock is inscribed with the puzzle name and it comes with a very ordinary looking key...  The goal is to open the lock without using force or any external tools.

The locks are made from real padlocks by Nabob and then precision modified to create this puzzle masterpiece.

Size: 64mm x 43mm x 13mm
Packaged in a felt bag


Customer Reviews

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2.9 rating

8 Reviews

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    On Sunday October 29th Annette Quinton wrote,
This was ridiculously easy No skill or past experience with lock puzzles and I have struggled with $10 puzzles This was overpriced $100 for a puzzle that could be solved in five minutes with no effort at all I’m sure you won’t publish this but if not at least reduce the price to $10
    On Sunday September 18th Benno de Grote wrote,
I really liked this puzzle. Although this wasn't my first puzzle lock, it was the first one in a long time. It is also the first lock that truly felt like an actual lock. I tried multiple (cheap €10/20) puzzle locks years ago. The most difficult was lunatic lock. The first puzzle I ever tried was "Constantinople lock" (it also has some different names I believe). I was 6 or 7 at the time, and it really opened the puzzle world for me. It was also the reason I'm now a puzzle designer. So when I finally had this lock in my hands I was very excited. The first thing I noticed is that I would never be able to tell that this would be a puzzle lock. There is nothing that gives the slightest clue that this is anything other than a normal lock besides the fact that the key does nothing. The puzzle took me about 10 minutes to open. I thought I knew exactly what the tick was, but apparently I had a little luck the first time. There was an extra twist that was very simple but clever. This puzzle felt like a good start if you're into puzzle locks. I'm looking forward to trying the other locks I got!
    On Tuesday September 6th Jordan wrote,
I just fiddled with it in different ways and got it open. Fairly clever mechanism, though for the price I was expecting a few more steps. I found it a bit too easy, not because I'm clever, but because I got lucky. I prefer something with a few more steps so take my review with a grain of salt.
    On Wednesday April 29th Java23p wrote,
Nicely made, but literally 15 seconds. Wish it was harder for the $.
    On Friday February 28th Richard Freeman wrote,
I was quite stumped with this lock. I'm pretty new to lock puzzles, but all in all it took me in total probably about 2 hrs to get it opened. I've done it several times now and it is quite a tricky solution. I saw the 2 earlier reviews and was actually hesitant about buying this one. I'm glad I did, because I thought is was a ton of fun & it felt great to finally figure it out haha!
    On Friday January 3rd Rocky Yarbrough wrote,
I just don't get it either but it is because I can't open the lock. If anyone knows the solution especially Jeff Gort of the first review then please send it to my email. thanks in advance, R.
    On Friday January 3rd Rocky Yarbrough wrote,
I just don't get it either, but it is because I cannot open the lock. I've searched PuzzleMaster, youtube, and the internet to no avail. If anyone knows the solution, especially Jeff of the other rating message, then please send it to my email address posted. Thanks, Rocky
    On Monday December 23rd Jeff Gort wrote,
I just don't get it. Opened it in 30 sec. Other B. locks and D. locks are much more involved. I must be missing something. It says that it contains small parts. I don't see any. It is well made though.
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