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Cast Radix
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Cast Radix

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ObjectDisassemble and Reassemble the Puzzle
DifficultyLevel 9 - Gruelling
TypesHanayama Metal Puzzles, Akio Yamamoto
Dimensions2 1/2 in x 2 1/4 in x 1 1/8 in / 6.4 cm x 5.7 cm x 3 cm
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's.  Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5.... level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

The Radix is a puzzle known for both its monumental looks and somewhat organic styling and movements. The entire unit gives off an air of antique wisdom, with the pieces joined at the base in chaotic harmony. The name comes from the mathematical term, 'radical axis'; and also means root in Latin. The innovative concept that it is you might even be tempted to call it 'radical'. Whatever you call it, have fun. The key word here is 'sprout'.

Designed by: Akio Yamamoto 2003

Customer Reviews

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4.8 rating

19 Reviews

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    On Saturday August 31st Mike wrote,
I love this puzzle. So clever. The twisting undulations of this puzzle are next level stuff. I was able to solve it without forcing anything. I have some great Hanayama puzzles, but this is a favorite for sure.
    On Monday January 15th Swyrm wrote,
A very complex, great looking puzzle which is more difficult than its rating indicate. You can't solve it by only thinking because the moves of the subtle shapes are difficult to predict but it is very pleasant to discover slowly what is possible and what is not. I solved it in the subway between work and home and it was a perfect puzzle for that use: it is complex enough to keep me busy for an entire week and you don't risk to loose a little piece. Last good point: there are 2 other ways to solve it needing a little force (each is different for only half of the solution, so 2 different ways with some similarity or only one with no similar move), I love when a puzzle has it because it often is because of the complexity and it adds a real challenge because the recquired moves are not very soft and you have to know what you are doing and to think a lot before doing those moves! A great puzzle!
    On Tuesday January 2nd Murray wrote,
Absolutely one of my favorites in the Hanayama cast series. It's not the hardest, but the elegance and fluidity of the (correct) solution makes it a gem in my collection. I have stumbled upon an alternate solution that, like others have stated, required just a slight amount of force, but it is not nearly as satisfying to solve in this manner. If you are an avid puzzle collector, then Radix should definitely be in your collection.
    On Tuesday January 2nd Todd wrote,
Interesting looking and not that easy to solve. Although I have solved it a few times, when I come back to it after a while, I have trouble remembering how.. This is my friend Philip's favorite Hanayama puzzle.
    On Saturday May 21st luxige wrote,
Wow! I never would have guessed how varied, and how many, strange manipulations could be hidden within these three "simple" shapes. I would say the difficulty rating should be set one level higher. In any case, it's a beautiful and challenging puzzle with many fascinating and tricky moves.
    On Wednesday April 15th Philip wrote,
This was my first ever cast puzzle and from that point on I loved hanayama puzzles. This one is my favorite. I still remember that joy when I solved my first ever cast puzzle.
    On Saturday September 6th Shaggy wrote,
This is a very, very, very good puzzle! It took me several evenings to take apart. I tried to use logic, but only piece of it was correct. What was most difficult for me was to find out how to separate the two spirals and after I understood it, it took me additional time to do it (because of the third piece). I found the actual solution and did not find an alternative solution, but I believe that if force is required, even minimal, it is wrong. I don't know how they create these puzzles, but its definitely a research on many aspects so that only the solution works and everything else does not. This is one of the best Cast puzzles. Do yourself a favor and buy it for your collection or just for fun.
    On Wednesday April 2nd Timos wrote,
Handsome three piece puzzle with the appearance of a sculpture. I picked this up two or three years ago and got it apart rather quickly. Putting it together is another story, and it wasn't until I picked it off my shelf much later that I decided that I would restore it to its original positioning. Some of these reviews talk about forcing pieces. I can assure you that no forcing is necessary, and it seems there are at least two solutions. The official solution is much more intriguing than the short cut that I stumbled upon. That's the thing with Hanayama puzzles--you never know what will happen at each turn.
    On Monday December 13th Todd wrote,
One of my favorite Hanayamas of the ~10 or so I've tried. The solution is elegant and unlikely to be found merely by random fiddling, yet it's an extremely fluid and beautiful movement once you find it. As for the forcing mentioned by others, I believe that a key step in the puzzle can be performed in two slightly different configurations, only one of which requires a force. I solved it with the forced version the first time, but upon further study I found what I believe to be the correct solution, which is perfectly smooth. I would peg this one at the top of the Level 4 range for difficulty. Outstanding and beautiful puzzle!
    On Wednesday October 6th Dozd wrote,
I also need a bit of force at one point, almost everytime i'm trying that step; thus only four stars. I found easier solution for the last step than the one in hanayama provided solution.
    On Monday March 22nd Puzzler wrote,
Great puzzle! Probably the hardest of the 8's. It took me about 25 minutes, but people's minds work differently.Very smooth and fluid movement. Highly recommended.
    On Monday November 30th Z wrote,
Just like the Baroq, a true Akio Yamamoto masterpiece. It's way harder (IMO it should be 6/6 on Hanayama scale) but it has the same smooth, organic flow and looks. It's a very tough puzzle (physically), so it's impossible to break it during normal play. I have, however, experienced several cases when it was forced into a position that seemed a total lockdown (no further movements available). Luckily, I've managed to reset it every time. As the others mentioned, I too have an issue at one place, where it requires deadly precise moves or it needs to be forced.
    On Saturday October 31st mitek wrote,
It's actually quite cool, the only gripe about this, the thing is much more difficult to put back in the proper state. I got it solved fairly quickly, but it took 3x more time to actually put it back together properly. I don't know how, but I finally managed to do it with enough of monkeying around. It certainly looks good on the shelf, kind of a mysterious shape.
    On Tuesday February 3rd Shiftymruzik wrote,
A wonderful and beautiful puzzle, however, there is more then one solution, I found the wrong one (the one not supplied). For even more fun, try to find the way to remove one piece before the other.
    On Saturday January 17th MadnessR wrote,
If you like Baroq then do yourself a favor and get this beautiful sculpture. A tough solve. Magical!
    On Saturday January 17th Brian wrote,
This puzzle is really nice looking, but like JohnnyZ I also found that it required a bit of force at one point. This detracted from the puzzle more than it did for Baroq.
    On Wednesday December 3rd George wrote,
A masterpiece of almost organic design. It is also quite difficult to solve. I had difficulty visualizing how it could even come apart.
    On Thursday October 23rd Pentti wrote,
This one should be rated at least to level 9. Really beautiful piece. And movement is unbelievable......
    On Saturday August 2nd JohnnyZ wrote,
This puzzle was great! It was like the Baroq puzzle, but a bit harder. Also like Baroq puzzle there is a time where I feel like I had to force the puzzle, but I might not have had the pieces in the perfect angle or something...
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