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Cast Spiral
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Cast Spiral

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ObjectDisassemble and Reassemble the Puzzle
DifficultyLevel 9 - Gruelling
TypesHanayama Metal Puzzles, Kennet Walker
Dimensions1 7/8 in diameter x 7/8 in / 4.8 cm diameter x 2.2 cm
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

Get ready to twist and turn with the Cast Spiral from Hanayama Huzzle, a mind bending metal mechanical puzzle that will put your problem solving skills to the test. This 3D puzzle features a intricate spiral design that will challenge your spatial reasoning and keep you engaged for hours.

At first glance, this cast puzzle by Kennet Walker of California seems unlockable. The five pieces, however, can most certainly be taken apart. Putting them back together, however, is a whole new problem in itself. The five pieces exude a kind of elegance, spiraling into a comfortable fit in the palm of your hand. With its unique mechanism and challenging solution, the Cast Spiral is a must have for any puzzle enthusiast.

Product Details

  • Difficulty Level: Gruelling, 9/10.
  • Material: Metal.
  • Category: Metal Puzzles.

Ideal for

  • Men or women who love metal mechanical puzzles and brain teasers.
  • Adults seeking a fun and intellectual challenge.
  • Brain teaser puzzle lovers looking for a unique and custom gift.
  • Hard to buy for individuals.
  • Birthday or Christmas gifts.
  • Anyone seeking a unique gift for the puzzle enthusiast in their life.
Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's. Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5, their level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

Customer Reviews

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4 rating

27 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Saturday September 16th Puzzle Shiva wrote,
I hated, yet loved, this brain teaser puzzle. Made with tolerances that contribute to the frustrating nature of it's solution, this was one that took my way too long to solve, and even longer to reassemble. Took me between 1-2 hours to solve, IIRC. The only thing I will say is... never, ever, ever force it, because when it jams, it jams something fierce!
    On Monday May 8th Mike wrote,
It fell on the floor and came apart. Now I can’t figure out how to get it back together. It’s given me hours of confusion though which I guess is the point.
    On Sunday February 21st Brittany Foley wrote,
Love the feeling in my hands its satisfying. But I'm starting to question the difficulty ratings. I would rate this a 5 as far as challenging. But as craftsmanship goes its lovely.
    On Wednesday January 17th Swyrm wrote,
A nice puzzle for a classical mechanism but it is the cheapest and a beautiful version of it. The theme of a spiral, with the circle shape besides of the classic square is a good idea. The solution is easier than it may appear because there is not much to try and everything is seeable, it is a puzzle you can jiggle around with a little then solvie it only by thinking with the puzzle staying on the shelf.
    On Tuesday January 2nd Todd wrote,
Interesting puzzle, but a bit heavy to carry around in your pocket. Took a while to get apart at first, but once known, the solution is fairly easy. Then there is the matter of putting all the pieces back together.
    On Wednesday May 3rd Jorge wrote,
Putting this puzzle apart is reaaally easy for people with good spacial awareness, but putting it back together requires a bit of observation. Even though it's easy, it's a great puzzle... specially because of the shape and its 'fidgetability' (much better than anything marketed as a fidget toy)
    On Friday April 1st luxige wrote,
I like this one a lot. At first I found it hard to believe the reviews that said people had found the answer accidentally and quickly, but I've had several people try it and a few have done just that (although they don't seem to understand what they did !) I've found that those with a scientific or analytical mind seem to have *more* trouble with it. That was certainly the case with me. I didn't give it five stars because it is possible to stumble into he answer, and also because of the rough finish. This one is my paperweight right now.
    On Sunday September 28th kbantikos wrote,
Not a bad puzzle but i would say its rather 6 to 7 difficulty and no way 9 solved it in 20 minutes and i would say that i am rather slow in solving puzzles. i liked very much the way that it feels in the hand.
    On Tuesday September 4th Shaggy wrote,
This is one of the most original Cast puzzles. You can play whole day moving the pieces up and down the spiral. But only one special trick takes them apart. Putting them back together is like solving a jigsaw. Just try them to check which match and you are done in less than several minutes. I like it, though it is much for level 5 (level 9 in this site). I am starting thinking that they rate the idea behind the puzzle rather than the time needed to solve it.
    On Saturday February 19th Lemuel wrote,
I saw one in a second hand store. Took it apart in less than two minutes. Putting it back together was the hard part. It took me about ten minutes to match the pieces. Too easy to be level 9. I was expecting this to be one of your easier puzzles. A lot of fun though. Will show it to my friends..
    On Monday February 14th Erik wrote,
fun puzzle! taking it apart: level 1, puting it back together: level 5. nice design.
    On Friday January 7th Thomas wrote,
Another easy puzzle but it's got a really cool design.
    On Monday December 13th Todd wrote,
*Much* too easy to be a Level 5. I solved this in just a few minutes and a couple of non-puzzling friends have done the same. Reassembly isn't any harder, provided you're careful when you take it apart the first time. This should be, at most, a Level 3. That being said, the puzzle has a fantastic feel in the hand and is enjoyable just to play with. It also gives an initial impression of being obviously impossible, which of course doesn't turn out to be the case. That's fun too. Great puzzle, dinged a star only for the terribly inaccurate difficulty rating.
    On Thursday October 21st Lauryxy wrote,
I got it when I was seven years old. I quikly solved it... Then I spent next five years trying to put it back together... I reallly like it, but I can't say anything about the difficulty level, that everyone has been whining about because I only have this and the Cast Cage.
    On Tuesday June 1st Charizard wrote,
Very easy, not TOO easy but it is awesome for a puzzle collector like myself because of the shape and it is also great to juggle around while going through everyday life. Mine got stuck :( the puzzle was perfect, it was just a cousin of mine who didn't know how to put it back together and forced it :( I will undoubtedly by another one soon. Really loved it. But its difficulty is overrated.
    On Wednesday January 27th lostiljon wrote,
is really fun at first.... took about 5-10 minutes to take apart.... putting it back together is another thing... but this puzzle seems to be not very well crafted. the thing is that it should come apart only one way. at first it really was so. i've had the puzzle for a few weeks now and i seem to have only one way it doesn't come apart so its not that hard at all to other people i give it to... 5 points for the idea. other than that :(
    On Monday November 30th Z wrote,
A very interesting puzzle with such unique mechanism that often make jaws drop for those who try it for the first time. It is decently sturdy with adequate weight, and the solution is very elegant, requiring out-of-the-box-thinking. As others said before, the spiraling staircase patterns that one can make out of it are truly amazing. The unique shape with jigsaw-like indents are sure to catch the player's attention and the enjoyable gameplay makes that attention stay there until the puzzle is solved. A good advice from me and the previous commenters: If you (or the person you gave it to) succeed in taking it apart into 2 sets of pieces, then STOP immediately. The five pieces differ only by hundredths of millimeters or so, but it means you can only put them back together after a good 15-30 minutes of trial-and-error if all pieces get separated and mixed. And if you try to put together two pieces that don't want to get together, then they may become stuck together (this is called the Cast Spiral Paradox).
    On Tuesday October 20th Braydn wrote,
This was a very fun brainteaser, My Friend had a go first, she got it into all the seperate pieces and didn't know how to get it back together, so i spent hours trying to get it back together, as soon as i got it, it became so obvious to me how it was to be solved, it has been the funnest Brainteaser i have had so far.
    On Friday July 10th Rob wrote,
I love this puzzle. It's really hard to put this one back together. Even after knowing the solution, I still seem to put the pieces back incorrectly quite often. This is fine, but what bothers me is that if you hand this puzzle off to a friend it often just falls apart in his/her hand while they are messing with it. Since people have no idea how they took it apart, they are now EXTRA stuck on trying to put it back together. Then I'm stuck trying to reassemble it.
    On Thursday April 16th philovivero wrote,
I give this puzzle a low rating only because its difficulty level is completely wrong. There is NO WAY this puzzle is a Hanayama 5 (puzzlemaster 9 - gruelling). A 2 or maybe 3. Taking it apart is really easy. Putting it back together is a little harder unless you pay attention to one piece, then fit the others around it properly. It is a reasonably elegent puzzle for one this simple. Just shouldn't have this rating.
    On Tuesday March 24th JohnnyZ wrote,
I like playing with this puzzle. But, it was very easy to figure out. I solved it relatively fast compared to how I usually do on a puzzle. But it is fun to play with...
    On Sunday January 4th MadnessR wrote,
2nd only to NEWS, this puzzle is a joy to play with. Perfect pocket size and fun to share...
    On Tuesday December 9th DerrickR wrote,
I'd give this one a skill level 7. Too easy for puzzle die hards. But its look/feel/movement makes it a great coffee table/conversation piece. Only time will tell if my friends/family can jam it up like Lisa mentioned.
    On Thursday December 4th George wrote,
I agree this puzzle is not of highest difficulty. The most difficult part is convincing yourself it is possible to disassemble - it seemed impossible to me, at first. Harder to put back together, best follow the solution for this so it doesn't get stuck, or be careful.
    On Sunday November 30th Lisa wrote,
This puzzle has a wonderful feel and is fun to do. I am a high school mathematics teacher and I keep puzzles in my room for my students to play with if they finish a test early. They absolutely loved this one. The only problem is that if you put the pieces together incorrectly when you are trying to reassemble it, even if you don't force them, they have a tendency to get stuck. After the first one jammed so badly that we couldn't separate 2 of the pieces, I bought a 2nd puzzle. I thought maybe I just had a defective model. But, it happened again. So, while it's a great little puzzle, I am not going to replace it this time. (I agree with the previous reviewers that it should be rated 7, though. It's not that hard.)
    On Wednesday November 26th Brian wrote,
Yeah, this one wasn't too tricky. Should be 7 or 8 maybe, Vortex was tougher. The spiral-staircase pattern that it forms is quite visually appealing though. It took about 15 minutes to get it apart and a bit longer to get it back together.
    On Friday October 24th Pentti wrote,
Too easy to be 5 stars on Hanayma rating....
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