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Cast Devil
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Cast Devil

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ObjectDisassemble and Reassemble the Puzzle
DifficultyLevel 9 - Gruelling
TypeHanayama Metal Puzzles
Dimensions3 1/2 in x 1 3/4 in x 3/4 in / 9 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.9 cm
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's.  Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5.... level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

The early 20th century witnessed a kind of puzzle boom, which in 1905 gave birth to an absurdly simple looking puzzle known as the "Devil's Claws". We were surprised at how nicely this new version turned out after deciding to revise the original. Do not let the smooth looks of this one fool you. Those who let frustration take over often leave this puzzle forever unsolved. Dedicated to the true puzzler!

The key word is "Claws".

-NOB 1994-

Customer Reviews

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3.6 rating

14 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Wednesday December 7th mzb wrote,
I was unfortunate to slip into this solution in about a minute. Hopefully I can put it away for awhile and forget how to do it next time. The solution is quite nice though.
    On Friday December 21st DonB wrote,
The simple design of this made me think it would be an easy solve. It’s not. Unlike similar wire puzzles, it doesn’t merely twist apart, but requires a certain set-up position to make it come apart. I liked it, as have others that come over to play with my puzzles. I’ve given two as gifts.
    On Thursday May 12th luxige wrote,
Another Hanayama remake of a classic puzzle, and beautifully made, so I gave it an extra star. Most people will find it pretty easy (my wife solved it in a few minutes); some will find the rating about right (it took me a few hours). As you would expect with a simple-looking puzzle, it all hinges on a single move requiring out-of-the-box thinking. I'm not good at that, but those who are will find it rather easy.
    On Monday March 11th Andrew Parr wrote,
I agree with the other ratings. It's well made, fun to play with, but not difficult to be rated an 8. It took me under 10 minutes to solve this.
    On Saturday February 19th Yelinna wrote,
You can solve it in short time. Pretty fun. My friends at work love it.
    On Friday January 7th Thomas wrote,
Very easy. Fun puzzle. Nice look.
    On Tuesday June 1st Charizard wrote,
Way to easy. Very well made as all Hanayama puzzles but too easy to be rated as a level 8 puzzle. The solution is very obvious just by looking at the picture. Good to frustrate inexperienced friends.
    On Monday November 30th Z wrote,
Another of those puzzles that look very simple and can be solved through a few simple movements, but actually finding those are much more difficult. Since it has a quite simple shape, most people trying it will either find the solution quickly or keep trying for a loooong time. Despite being made of a simple "wire" unlike the mostly beautifully ornamented Hanayamas, it is very durable and massive.
    On Sunday June 14th Brian wrote,
I actually really liked this puzzle. While I found it to be pretty easy and was a bit disappointed, it is a good one to give to my friends to get them interested in trying the more difficult ones. Some people find it much more difficult than others. I have a friend who was able to do some of the Level 6's and he spent a good amount of time on this one, so don't sell it short.
    On Monday March 16th Rob wrote,
This is a moderately difficult puzzle. I have a tested I.Q. of 119, which probably means nothing. I failed to solve this puzzle in 2 seperate 15-minute sessions. I solved it 5 minutes into my third attemp (I never bother more than 15 minutes witn any one puzzle.) Once I solved it, I was able to solve it again in only 1 or 2 minutes. An experienced auto mechanic with an I.Q. of 95 or 100 will probably solve this puzzle in under 10 minutes on the first try. Very engaging and entertaining, a good puzzle.
    On Saturday January 17th MadnessR wrote,
Another solid puzzle from Hanayama. Easy for me, but nicely made and fun to solve!
    On Tuesday December 2nd George wrote,
This puzzle is a lot of fun and not too difficult. I have given several as gifts.
    On Thursday November 27th Barry Ford wrote,
Easy for me (about five minutes), but very frustrating for members of my family. They just can't see the simple solution. Still, if I leave the puzzle alone for a few weeks, I still need a minute or two to remember how to solve it. So three stars instead of two.
    On Friday October 24th Pentti wrote,
Quite easy.
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