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Cast G & G

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Product Information

ObjectTake apart and put back together
DifficultyLevel 7 - Challenging
TypesJin-Hoo Ahn, Hanayama Metal Puzzles
Dimensions2.4 in x 1.7 in x 1 in / 6 cm x 4.2 cm x 2.5 cm

Product Description

Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's.  Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5.... level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

Each piece is solid so that you can feel its weight when you hold it in your hands.  You can see the sophistication in what, at a glance, looks like a rugged design.  The has many possibilities and as soon as you start trying to take it apart, you will notice several protrusions that will hinder your path.  This is the challenge that you must overcome. 

The theme of this puzzle is the letter G.  It was designed by Jin-Hoo Ahn from South Korea.

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4.3 rating

4 Reviews

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    On Saturday February 8th G. Tucker wrote,
I really only bought this because my first initial is 'G' and I thought it would be pretty easy, based on appearance. Well, appearances are deceiving! I found it to be pretty challenging. The rating is appropriate.
    On Friday March 20th Piyush Tiwari wrote,
    On Saturday March 29th Ad van der Schagt wrote,
Keep the rating of Hanayama (here 3) in mind. (Hanayama: 1-6) Forget the ranking of PuzzleMaster.(1-10)!! Imagine, ranking of puzzles is very difficult. One solves a "difficult" puzzle in short time. Another one solves the same puzzle after a long time! Experienced puzzler, designer and collector since 1990! Happy Puzzling, Ad van der Schagt Netherlands
    On Sunday February 16th Shaggy wrote,
I alwayes thought that the pieces are 9 and 6, instead of two Gs. :) I like the idea very much and also the solution is suitable for level 3 (7 on this site). Reminds me of "Cast H&H", not only because of the two letters used, but also for some other similarities, but of course, this is indeed slight easier.