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Sticky Barrel Brass Puzzle

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Product Information

ObjectRemove the stick from the barrel.
DifficultyLevel 8 - Demanding
BrandMetal Puzzles UK
TypesMore Metal Puzzles, Phil Wigfield
Dimensions3 cm diameter x 8 cm tall / 1.2 in diameter x 3.2 in tall
PackagingWooden Display Box

Product Description

The objective of this intriguing pocket-sized metal puzzle is to remove the stick from the barrel. It appears there is no obvious clues as to where to start...

Made in sturdy brass and stainless steel by a hobbyist who makes each piece by hand without the use of a CNC machine. Each piece is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing both by the eye and feel. Made from both brass and stainless steel, a puzzle which which will stand the gift of time.

According to the designer: “I've always had a fascination with puzzles. Yet not actually playing with one; but the mechanism inside. As such, I've decided to make small batches of unique puzzles which aren't just fun and mind boggling to play with, but also look and feel good too.”

Each puzzle comes in a pine box with a silver clasp seated on a blue velvet cushion.

Dimensions are as follows:
Brass Barrel - 5 cm
Stainless Steel Rod - Roughly 3 cm

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