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Lotus Flower Puzzle
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Lotus Flower Puzzle

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ObjectFree the coin.
DifficultyLevel 10 - Mind Boggling
BrandWil Strijbos
TypesWil Strijbos, Sequential Discovery, Premium Collectible Puzzles
Dimensions11 cm x 5.5 cm x 1.9 cm / 4.3 in x 2.2 in x 0.75 in
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

This puzzle is a wildly popular and sought-after sequential discovery puzzle designed by Wil Strijbos!  It is made of an attractive blue anodized aluminum that also bears the designers signature on the front.  In order to find the "lotus flower", you need to be able to remove the aluminum circular disc and rod.  A very difficult puzzle that keeps captivating as its solution unfolds.  Requires no magnets, no banging, no external tools, and no force in any way.  As with all of Wil Strijbos designs, this puzzle is extremely high quality, and is a coveted treasure for the puzzle collector!

"Long time ago (probably already 20 years) I created the Yen Puzzle. It is a wooden frame with a nail in it that holds a Yen Coin from Japan. Because my upgraded new creation has some other secrets in it, I thought it will be better to name it the Lotus (it sounds more mysterious:) Probably later on you will understand why. ... " - Wil Strijbos

Please note that there is a small black pin found on one end of the Lotus.  This pin must not be removed from the puzzle - (it has nothing to do with the solution) and it is there for your safety.  The Lotus is spring loaded.


Customer Reviews

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4.3 rating

10 Reviews

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    On Monday May 27th Ron wrote,
What a frustrating (in a bad way) puzzle. There is a mechanical issue with my puzzle that it appears many other people have as well, where one of the moves simply won't work almost all of the time. By chance it worked a couple of times for me, so I was able to solve the puzzle, but I cannot get the move to work again to fully reset the puzzle. After I solved it I watched some YouTube videos of people solving it, and with their puzzles things just work easily. With mine (and judging from Reddit comments, many other people's) it is virtually impossible. It is so very frustrating to discover that the one of the things I tried over a year ago should have worked. When I finally solved the puzzle, instead of a feeling of accomplishment, I was just so very annoyed. Not at all the experience a good (and quite expensive) puzzle should offer. If they are going to charge $300 for a puzzle, they should be able to manufacture it well. And at least test each one to ensure they work smoothly.
    On Friday May 19th Tim wrote,
I love this puzzle, the design and the solve. I also made the mistake with the small piece they deliberately warn you about, haha. This meant I got to solve it a second time in a creative way.
    On Thursday May 18th John wrote,
I've wanted this puzzle box for many many years. It's as beautiful as it looks online! I'm very much looking forward to solving this.
    On Thursday May 18th John wrote,
I've wanted this puzzle box for many many years. It's as beautiful as it looks online. I'm very much looking forward to solving this.
    On Monday May 8th Eric wrote,
Worth every penny. I solved this one without watching the plethora of youtube videos. and I find it satisfying to solve again from time to time.
    On Thursday January 19th Aidivn wrote,
One of the most well built, well designed challenging puzzles from one of the top makers. Not only is this puzzle enjoyable but it looks great on a shelf.
    On Tuesday November 15th Anon203 wrote,
I'm someone who only just started getting into puzzles after watching a bunch of puzzle solving videos and took this one because it was difficult, was a sequential discovery puzzle, and was within my price range. It's a great puzzle and feels like it has great construction quality. My only gripe about this puzzle is that when you're doing essentially the final step, I can't consistently do it properly. I looked up the solution and I still couldn't do it consistently. It's just very frustrating when you know what to do, but it doesn't work smoothly every time.
    On Friday August 12th Jorge wrote,
I guess this puzzle is ok. There’s a lot of hype around it and I can’t help but be disappointed by it. The discovery elements are pretty cool and I like that [spoilers] there is a “solution” that isn’t the real one and then a more satisfying one. However there is one particular step you have to do for both solutions that is suuuuuper annoying and can’t be done consistently. fir any puzzle I would expect something better but particularly at this price point. Anyway… still an ok puzzle but I would recommend the Egg a lot more if you want something by Strijbos.
    On Friday July 23rd Ken wrote,
What Peter said! Get your hands on this if you can.
    On Tuesday September 17th Peter wrote,
I love this puzzle. It's better than I thought it would be. I've completed first box and thought it was ok. The Lotus however, is amazing. I'm a huge fan of sequential discovery style with tools. The Lotus delivers. Every step is super satisfying. The way the rod is machined is kind of mindblowing. Strijbos has an incredibly creative mind. Worth EVERY penny. One piece of advice before playing around with it; Don't solve this thing anywhere near an open hole (like a vent), or on a picnic table. This thing has several very tiny pieces, and you don't want to be picking them out of the grass or losing it in your heating vents.
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