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Catacombs Plus
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Catacombs Plus

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ObjectRemove the handle
DifficultyLevel 10 - Mind Boggling
BrandPuzzle Master
TypePuzzle Master Wire Puzzles
Dimensions1 3/16 in x 8 in / 3.0 cm x 20.5 cm
PackagingClam Shell

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Product Info

This 10 ring puzzle will either make you frustrated or else it will make you want to see if you can solve it. Either way you'll have to struggle through over 1000 moves to solve this puzzle. It might look like our regular catacombs but we've added extra loops. Let the fun begin!

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    On Wednesday December 11th Stew wrote,
Loved it!!! However what do you guys consider moves I counted every time a ring came off or went back on for 1-7 ring puzzles these were the calculations I found Catacombs puzzle 1 ring 1 move 2 rings 2 moves 3 rings 5 moves 4 rings 10 moves 5 rings 21 moves 6 rings 42 moves 7 rings 85 moves 8 rings 170 moves 9 rings 341 moves 10 rings 682 moves 11 rings 1365 moves 12 rings 2730 moves 13 rings 5461 moves 14 rings 10922 moves 15 rings 21845 moves 11-15 were just for fun but if you guys would be willing to make a 15 ring puzzle I would gladly be the first to try it!;)
    On Friday May 23rd Victor Gaw wrote,
I would like to make corrections to my revue. The mathematics is in error. It should be 2^n instead of n! so the numbers of move required to solve the puzzle is much smaller. as follows. 5 rings: 2^5 = 32 moves. 6 rings 2^6 = 64 moves. 7 rings 2^7 = 128 moves. 9 rings 2^9 = 512 moves. 10 rings 2^10 = 1024 moves. My mistake I don't know why i thought the math is n!. Sorry for the wrong info. I apologize.
    On Saturday May 17th Victor Gaw wrote,
This wire puzzle is a mathematical equivalent to the Tower of Hanoi which requires n!(factorial) nuber of moves to solve the puzzle. I can complete the 7 rings Catacombs in in around 5 minutes, which takes 7! that is 5040 moves without getting lost or confuse. The 9 rings Catacombs would require 9! or 362,880 moves, that take be theoretically 72 times as long without making a single mistake. Now a 10 rings Catacombs plus require 10! moves. You do the math.
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