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Cluebox: Schrodinger's Cat - 60 minute Escape Room in a box
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Cluebox: Schrodinger's Cat - 60 minute Escape Room in a box

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ObjectOpen the box.
DifficultyLevel 9 - Gruelling
TypesWooden Puzzle Boxes, Sequential Discovery, Puzzle Boxes / Trick Boxes
Dimensions10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm / 3.9 in x 3.9 in x 3.9 in
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

This is an interactive box with various puzzles, which have to be solved one after the other to open the box. In other words, this is an Escape Room in a handy format! There is nothing based on randomness, but only on logical decisions.

The story behind the puzzle is based on Schrodingers's cat: 
In 1935, Vienna, an Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger conducted experiments in the area of quantum mechanics and demonstrated that it could be applied to everyday objects.  In his experiment a cat and a portion of poison were put into a box.  Quantum mechanics says that after a while, the cat will be both alive and dead.  Unforumately, Schrodinger got busy and completely forgot about the cat....  We're sure the cat is still alive.  Now it's time to rescue it!

The cluebox consists of 52 individual parts which are precisely cut from high quality birch wood using the finest laser technology.

Facts about the game: You will receive an interactive box with various puzzles.
Play time: 45 – 60 minutes.
Can be solved again by other players.
Secret space: 1 x 4,5 x 7,5 cm
Ages: 14+

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 rating

14 Reviews

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    On Monday April 29th CL wrote,
I accidentally skipped a few steps at first but tried again and did it in the right order the second time. I liked most of the puzzles a lot except for one that felt less like a logic puzzle and more of fiddling and shaking 👁️
    On Friday November 10th Darren Waller wrote,
One of my favorite puzzle boxes to date. I loved Davey Jones puzzle by the same creators, so tried this one and was not disappointed. I especially found the puzzle piece section unique and challenging. Have never seen that before but it was so well executed. However with that being said, I got slightly more enjoyment form their Davey Jones one, so if you’re between the 2 I’d start with that one instead.
    On Tuesday July 12th Casey Wilkinson wrote,
Not a huge fan of this one, nothing made sense. I did the Captain Nemo one and absolutely loved it, this one was a big disappointment. Very little logic involved and very poorly laid out. Once it finally opened even the QR code would not scan no matter how I tried. Really was not impressed with this one, Captain Nemo was 1000 times better and actually made sense.
    On Monday January 10th Dave wrote,
Excellent puzzle! Took me 30 mins to complete as a seasoned was perfect room and puzzle solver. It’s not overly difficult, but really cool design! Well worth the solve
    On Sunday November 21st Tyler wrote,
I’m new to puzzles so this one took me a couple hours and some help from the fam to get it but it was so satisfying. Very well made product.
    On Wednesday May 26th Zac Crow wrote,
I loved this one. I think it's the first puzzle of this nature I solved without being frustrated and seeking help. Lots of puzzles require some sort of outside perspective as the clues seem totally subjective. This one, when you focus on only the given clues, provides an obvious path to solution. while the very first time i ever tried it last year was difficult and I set it down for a long time, this time i focused completely on the given clues and after maybe 20 minutes in 2 different days I solved it with so much satisfaction. I won't spoil it, but the final clue seems like a hilarious homage to Schroedinger, as I'm not sure if it exists or not, just like the cat's life. 5/5 and I buy this puzzle in bulk each time it comes back in stock to give to others.
    On Wednesday May 19th John wrote,
Loved it! There may come a point when you feel the need to google something, you don’t. Every clue is on/in the box. Although I did find the use of a pin came in handy at one point. 👁
    On Tuesday April 20th Benoit Lauzon wrote,
This puzzle is well crafted, i had a blast!
    On Tuesday January 12th Óscar wrote,
Very enjoyable. Every step has a logical solution. And the design is really beautiful. Hughly recommended
    On Monday January 4th Zpook wrote,
This box has a "bug" that makes it super easy to solve the last step without solving the other steps first. I came over it by accident and solved it (to my disappointment) after 4 minutes. But i'll still give it 3+ for the design.
    On Monday August 10th Ben wrote,
Well worth it. Tiny but complicated with a bunch of intuitive steps. Highly recommend!
    On Tuesday May 5th Chris L wrote,
I couldn't click buy fast enough. This puzzle lives up to expectations. Perfect to tackle with friends or family that aren't typically into puzzles as this is more analytical and less random than a typical puzzle. But despite that it's still a decent challenging puzzle. Highly recommend to anyone, must have as part of your puzzle collection.
    On Tuesday May 5th JHW wrote,
Wonderful puzzle. Well made. Be careful not to lose the small parts on the bottom of the box.
    On Wednesday April 15th KJ wrote,
It was an enjoyable puzzle. I was so excited I actually did a few steps out of order but that was my own fault. Definitely worth a spot on my puzzle shelf.
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