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Quintus Extreme
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Quintus Extreme

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ObjectTake apart and reassemble the metal pieces.
DifficultyLevel 10 - Mind Boggling
BrandPuzzle Master
TypesPuzzle Master Metal Puzzles, Oskar van Deventer
Dimensions2.75 in x 2.75 in x 0.125 in / 7 cm x 7 cm x 0.3 cm
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

This intriguing interlocking metal puzzle consists of  5 rings that combine to make a flat trivet-style coaster.  The easy part is taking them apart.  Give it a shake and it falls apart in your hand.  A quick inspection reveals that each of the rings is connected and also marked with a unique arrangement of grooves.  The difficult part is to figure out how the 5 loops reassemble into the elegant braided presentation that you started with!  Be warned that this is extremely difficult!!

This puzzle was designed by Oskar van Deventer and features a weave pattern invented by Bram Cohen. The wrapping-around concept is similar to Carl Hoff's award winning WOW5 puzzle. Finally, the idea to turn a puzzle ring into a coaster comes from Serhiy Grabarchuk who created the Cast Coaster puzzle produced by Hanayama.

Materials - Brass Plated Metal
Part of the Puzzle Master Metal Collection.

Customer Reviews

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4 rating

5 Reviews

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    On Sunday September 18th Benno de Grote wrote,
I loved this puzzle. I'm a puzzle designer myself and I crack puzzles like walnuts. Because of this, the more difficult a puzzle is, the more I like it. This puzzle definitely wasn't a walnut. When I started this puzzle I tried to take note in which order the parts should be assembled. After rotating one ring the rest of the puzzle just fell apart. So far for paying attention… The first 30 minutes were mostly getting a sense of which ring should be placed where. I picked the largest ring as my framework and held that one in the same position. This resulted in me getting a feel where each part needed to be. The assembly was a lot harder. Placing the first three rings in the right position was relatively simple. However, each time the last two rings needed to be intertwined in a way that felt impossible. After over an hour of fiddling with it, I finally managed to let all the rings fall in the right places. I wasn't exactly sure what I had done, and I was a little scared of disassembling the puzzle again. The next day I felt up for the challenge. I was able to assemble the puzzle in 15 minutes, and now it only takes a few minutes. If I would leave the puzzle on a shelf for about a year I would probably forget everything about this puzzle, and it would feel like a new one. Like Peter wrote in his review, the puzzle feels very meditative. If you like a rough challenge I would definitely recommend this puzzle. However, be prepared to feel frustrated.
    On Saturday March 19th Owen wall wrote,
Tried solving it for 5 hours and still couldn’t, and I KNOW I will get angry issues with this puzzle
    On Tuesday March 15th Peter Nichols wrote,
an addendum to my review of a moment ago: if my life depended on solving this puzzle, I would take a cell phone picture of the puzzle in its completed form, use different colored markers to highlight each of the 5 rings, start from the biggest/outer ring and progress inward, backtracking as necessary to get the following rings in a position to progress into place.
    On Tuesday March 15th Peter Nichols wrote,
I agree with the previous reviewer. This puzzle is frustrating to put back into its interlinked coaster form. I do not expect to solve it by any sort of logical process, likely never at all. Taking a hidden prod from the previous reviewer, I have adopted some sort of Zen attitude (my apologies to any real Zen masters), just playing with the disassembled rings in a distracted but conscious way, with a detached expectation that over time it will bring itself into solution. Very meditative!
    On Tuesday March 15th ry wrote,
This is an act in futility. The puzzle isn't hard to understand, the logic isn't what makes it "challenging" it's just a jumbled mess that is frustrating to maneuver and is essentially just pure trial and error. The welds are also janky, and came apart while simply maneuvering the rings. For $20 I guess it's alright, but don't expect to enjoy this puzzle, it is just annoying.
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