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Cast O'Gear
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Cast O'Gear

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ObjectDisassemble and Reassemble the Puzzle
DifficultyLevel 7 - Challenging
TypesHanayama Metal Puzzles, Oskar van Deventer
Dimensions3 1/8 in x 2 5/8 in 1 3/8 in / 7.9 cm x 7 cm x 3.5 cm
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

Get geared up for a challenge with the Cast O'Gear metal puzzle! This intricate 3D cast puzzle features interlocking gears and a complex design that will put your problem solving skills to the test. Made from high quality metal, it's a durable and long lasting puzzle that's perfect for adults looking for a unique and engaging brain teaser. A prizewinner puzzle from the 2001 1st Annual World Puzzle Design competition, this puzzle was designed by the Dutch phenomenon, Oskar van Deventer.

The O'Gear exhibits a unique kind of movement. The challenge is to separate the gear from the box and then to insert it back inside. Once together in its final form of beauty, the gear fixed in place in the cubic box could very well serve as a desk decoration to satisfy a kind of soothing, intellectual curiosity.

Whether you're a seasoned puzzle lover or just looking for a special gift, the Cast O'Gear is sure to shift your perspective!

Product Details

  • Category: Metal puzzles.
  • Material: Metal.
  • Difficulty level: Intricate, 7 /10.

Ideal for

  • Adults seeking a unique and challenging cast metal puzzle experience.
  • Puzzle enthusiasts who appreciate metal mechanical puzzles and 3D puzzles.
  • Those who enjoy brain teasers and problem solving challenges.
  • Hard to buy for individuals.
  • Birthday or Christmas gifts.
  • Gifts for him or her.
  • A special treat for yourself.
Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's.  Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5, their level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

Customer Reviews

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4.4 rating

11 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Friday January 8th Aleksey Khmara wrote,
An excellent puzzle for a beginner. I managed to solve it within 15 minutes, I even did not calculate anything, I just realized what to do and turned the star until it fell out)) The design is incredible!
    On Thursday November 29th Jess wrote,
The Cast O'Gear was definitely a lot of fun to solve, like all the other Hanamaya puzzles I have tried thus far. Personally found it to be more challenging than some others with a higher difficulty rating. The movement itself has something satisfying about it just playing around with it.
    On Sunday September 16th Lyubomir Lalev wrote,
I still don't know the correct path of the solution. I am not a big fan of this one, although the design and the idea are great. Maybe the chosen material/color is what does not impress me, that's why I feel this way about this puzzle.
    On Thursday May 12th luxige wrote,
I'm not a big fan of the maze-type puzzles because there usually isn't a subtle or tricky move built in (and there isn't one in this case). But I rated this a little higher than I might because the way the star crawls around the cube is kind of neat, and it has a nice look and heft. In the end it's just a simple maze, and whether you approach it randomly or methodically, you will solve it if you just put in the time. The difficulty rating seems about right to me.
    On Saturday February 18th Will wrote,
Great puzzle! The design is really unique, a six-sided cube combined with a five-cornered star. Many details were easy to find out, such as the routes the star were able to move (and G, you definitely haven't took a good look at the puzzle), and how the gear can be take out. The process involves some mathematics, like Todd said. Finally after some thinking and chart-making, I obtained the solution, and it moves smoothly to the finish. 5 stars is the rate.
    On Monday December 13th Todd wrote,
A fun little puzzle. I'm not at all sure my solution is the best one, but it definitely works and even incorporates a little mathematics, which is nice. My only reservation is that, as others mentioned, the action isn't always perfectly smooth and it can be hard to tell whether a given move is meant to be possible or not. Still, a solid Level 3 puzzle.
    On Monday November 30th Z wrote,
One of my favorite puzzles. Looks fantastic, feels nice and heavy, operates smoothly. The start and end are both very clear, and though it's a maze-type, it can be easily learned to solve. The intriguing mechanism is credited to Oskar. My only complaint is that one side of the cube is just glued on and can get loose (and even fall off) after a certain number of plays (close to infinity though :) ). Would also make a great desk ornament or paperweight.
    On Saturday October 31st mitek wrote,
Definitely unusual thing, and it looks kind of interesting. Took me about 40 min to solve, and the clue is there on the cube, if you look hard enough. Nice.
    On Monday May 18th Brian wrote,
Great puzzle! It is an interesting route-finding puzzle with a twist, so if you like that type of puzzle it is enjoyable. Similar to Duet. I agree with G that it is a bit confusing which moves are supposed to work and which aren't, since the legit moves are a bit sticky and the illegitimate moves seem really close to possible. That's pretty much the only thing that would keep it being 5 stars. Definitely worth getting.
    On Thursday February 5th puzzler wrote,
I loved this one . it started an obsession for me(I now own 6 puzzles) The cast o'gear has shamfurs on sides so you can go there but you cannot pass the places with no shamfur. I loved it-but the part about figuring out the "weak spot" was easy. you just had to toy with it once you figured that out...
    On Saturday January 31st G wrote,
I thought the way it moved was pretty nifty and lots of fun. The puzzle itself isnt too hard, a nice medium. My complaint about this puzzle is that it requires some fiddling to get it to make a move sometimes and other times it refuses to move at all, which is either a flaw in the design or my inability to see some kind of mechanism that prevents me to make certain moves. The "stuck" moves really irritate me, it should be able to flow over the whole cube. If you follow the solution it will be fine but if you stray outside the given formula you'll run into moves you cant make for some reason.
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