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Cast Duet
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Cast Duet

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ObjectDisassemble and Reassemble the Puzzle
DifficultyLevel 9 - Gruelling
TypesHanayama Metal Puzzles, Oskar van Deventer
Dimensions2 2/5 in x 2 2/5 in x 1 in / 6.1 cm x 6.1 cm x 2.9 cm
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

The Cast Duet metal puzzle from Hanayama Huzzle is a beautiful and challenging addition to any puzzle collection. This 3D puzzle is made from high quality metal and features two interconnected pieces that must be separated and reassembled. At first glance, it looks as if there is only one ring hanging from the grid but there are in fact two rings attached with a magnetic force.

The objective is to separate the two rings and then try to fit the two rings at the four-crossing points on the grid indicated by the numbers. The level of difficulty increases as players aim for crossings with higher numbers. Designer Oskar van Deventer has packed a lot of challenges in this elegantly designed puzzle that needs to be solved.

Product Details

  • Material: Metal.
  • Difficulty level: Challenging, 9/10.
  • Recommended for ages 16 and up.

Ideal for

  • Adults seeking a fun and stimulating activity.
  • Metal puzzle enthusiasts looking for a unique challenge.
  • Those searching for a special gift for him or her.
  • Hard to buy for individuals who appreciate metal mechanical puzzles.
  • Birthday or Christmas gifts for the person who has everything.
  • Anyone looking for a custom puzzle that will provide hours of entertainment.
Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's.  Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5, their level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

Customer Reviews

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4.2 rating

9 Reviews

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    On Monday May 8th Mike wrote,
Puzzle and a maze. Easy to manipulate and gives you hours of entertainment.
    On Monday May 27th Kelvin Smith wrote,
I solved this one once. Not sure how exactly but just after quite some time of somewhat playing around. I lost this one and my uncompleted enigma. Chris Ramsey has been reviewing/solving/ doing his magic with some of these and I was happy to see my childhood puzzle are actually quite hard. Build quality is extremely solid
    On Thursday November 29th Jess wrote,
The Duet is one of my favourite Hanamaya puzzles so far! Once you complete the first challenge of removing the rings, there's 4 more challenges of getting them onto specific intersections. I find these extra challenges definitely adds to the replay value of the puzzle.
    On Wednesday May 11th Glynn Breuer wrote,
I recently pulled this one out for another look, after reading a unique way to navigate the grid using nine positions corresponding to each "window" in the puzzle, rather than using the slots on A and B sides as recommended by the manufacturer's solution, which only included the original position, plus four of the possible eight diagonal configurations. It was fun to devise a linear map of the sequence of travel through the grid, and then to map the sequence for the eight edge locations, the eight diagonals, plus the twelve lateral positions. Some of them require some close maneuvering of the rings past one another. This puzzle is now one of my favorites, and it is fun to review the careful notation that I produced in solving all the possible positions. If I wanted to get really challenged, I could also see what is required to configure the rings back to back in all 28 locations, instead of the doughnut mode, but I think that would be too much of a good thing. This puzzle offers so much more than some that I would categorize as "one trick" puzzles. Love this one.
    On Friday January 17th Thomas wrote,
Thought this on was pretty easy.
    On Monday May 14th Shaggy wrote,
I have this one from some time now, and I really enjoy it. Firstly, I separated and put it back together for one evening, then I went on with the further challanges. But as I did not understand how exactly to situate the ring over the crossing points, I decided to put it on all possible positions on the grid. That made 28 interesting mini-puzzles, the hardest of which for me was putting the ring over the crossing point at number 2, one end in the middle of the grid. But all are possible after all. In addition, I would like to say that Oskar is a genius! I would like to meet such man in person.
    On Monday November 30th Z wrote,
Striaght out of the diabolical mind of Oskar, this puzzle is ready to take your brain on a looong and frustrating tour around it's little squares and tiny dents that sometimes grant your twin rings way towards their unification (or freedom), but most of the time they block the passage. This is arguably the hardest Hanayama maze currently manufactured, and it has multiple goals (Some markings are on the grid, but they are quire ambiguous. But the maze is complete, meaning if you can think of a position for the rings then it is possible to achieve that position.) that make this puzzle suitable for weeks of playing. The material used here is not so thick as in other Hanayamas, but in this case every movement is either clearly blocked or smoothly allowed, so essentially no force is required for solving. Having nearly 26.000 possible states, it is impossible to remember the solution for this one.
    On Sunday January 4th MadnessR wrote,
Beautiful and challenging. Not as much fun to play with as the others, but is very rewarding..
    On Tuesday December 16th coldT wrote,
Duet is a great puzzle for all levels since the actual movement of the pieces requires absolutely no force or special 'tricks'. It's actually all a matter of observation-- getting each ring back onto the grid is not very difficult. However, figuring out the logic of which ring (and which side of each ring) to put back on first is the fun part. You may think that you're all set, only to realize that you should've done them in a different order. Very satisfying to see those rings magnetically 'snap' back together on the grid.
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