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Cast Key

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Product Information

ObjectDisassemble and Reassemble the Puzzle
DifficultyLevel 5 - Easy
TypesHanayama Metal Puzzles, Nob Yoshigahara
Dimensions4 1/2 in x 1 1/8 in x 1 in / 11.5 cm x 2.9 cm x 2.7 cm
PackagingCardboard and Plastic Box

Product Description

Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's.  Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5.... level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

Two keys appear to be permanently linked and, no matter how you look at it, there is seemingly no solution to unlocking them. However, as a highly popular puzzle since its creation during the 19th century puzzle craze, the keys are in fact separable.

The hint is "Enlarge".


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3.2 rating

5 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Friday May 10th Felisa Weiss wrote,
I teach an Israeli Gaming class. (while the company is Japanese, the puzzle designer is Jewish). My students are in 4 & 5th grade. Will this puzzle be too easy for them? They were able to quickly become adept at Eitan’s leaf cube, but reassembling Danlock (one student was able to unlock it w/in a few minutes. The others couldn’t figure it out) has been an extreme challenge. I’m looking for puzzles that are in between those challenges that are created by Israeli designers.
    On Saturday March 31st Swyrm wrote,
This is the best copy of this classical puzzle which vas been mass produced any times. The colours give it an antique look which is very cool for a key. My brother disassembled it before I have a try with it to increase a bit the difficulty and I had about 1 or 2 minutes of thinking before understanding what to do. Quite fun one but I tend to buy more difficult puzzles because it is still expensive for the time you will work on it! As it is easy, it is a good one to give to non puzzler friends: it is not a too odd shape, the goal is clear and they should find the solution before getting frustrated!
    On Monday February 4th Andrew Parr wrote,
Very easy. Unlike other Hanayama puzzles, this isn't a maze so much as an entanglement puzzle. So there are no dead ends or wrong paths. Either you are solving it correctly, or the pieces aren't moving. Figuring out the first move is probably the toughest. The rest just comes naturally. Still, it's a nice piece and looks good on the puzzle shelf.
    On Monday November 30th Z wrote,
Very easy, but still quite fun. Ideal for beginners. Advanced puzzlers can try solving it without looking, behind their back or with one hand to provide a bit bigger challenge. The "tooth" area is prone to wear if used a lot, and if the gap gets big enough (just one or two mm bigger) then it falls apart by itself.
    On Monday February 16th Brandi wrote,
It was interesting at first. After playing with it for a few minites it was so simple. Get the first step down and the rest is easy.