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Cast Cylinder
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Cast Cylinder

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ObjectTake apart and put back together
DifficultyLevel 8 - Demanding
TypesHanayama Metal Puzzles, Vesa Timonen
Dimensions3.5 cm diameter x 3.5 cm deep / 1.4 in diameter x 1.4 in deep
PackagingCardboard Box

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Product Info

Unlock the secrets of the Cast Cylinder, a challenging 3D cast metal puzzle from Hanayama Huzzle. This intricately designed puzzle requires skill and strategy to separate the cylinder into pieces. With its unique design and challenging solution, the Cast Cylinder is a must have for any metal puzzle enthusiast.

From Finnish designer Vesa Timonen, the objective is to separate the cyclinder into pieces and then reassemble into the original design. There is no hint or clue on how to start from the outside appearance, making it a stimulating puzzle.

Product Detail

  • Material: Cast metal.
  • Category: Metal puzzles.
  • Difficulty level: Challenging, 8/10.

Ideal for

  • Gifts for him or her.
  • Brain teaser puzzle lovers.
  • Adults who enjoy challenging metal puzzles.
  • Those who appreciate unique and cast mechanical puzzles.
  • Anyone looking for a custom puzzle gift.
  • The hard to buy for person, especially for birthday, Christmas or any occasion.
Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's.  Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5, their level 6 is equivalent to our level 10.

Customer Reviews

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5 rating

14 Reviews

Disclaimer: These reviews are written by our customers. Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

    On Monday May 8th Ben wrote,
I really liked this puzzle, it honestly took me a lot longer than the average level 8, putting it back together is tricky!
    On Friday January 8th Aleksey wrote,
It is my favorite puzzle. It's very pleasant to twist in your hands, everything is smooth, very. It was not difficult to disassemble, she practically fell apart in my hands. But when it came time to assemble it - it became a real hard :) Highly recommend, a cool puzzle!
    On Thursday April 2nd griffin wrote,
i own allot of hanayama puzzles and i can say this is one of and if not the hardest in the series,the fact that you cant even see inside the puzzle to know the trick until your finished is crazy,has taken me one to two hours to solve and have not been able to put it back together.i think it is a great puzzle but should be one level higher:)
    On Monday March 30th Ben wrote,
This puzzle is awesome! It’s one of those puzzles where it’s easy to take apart but hard to put back together. Overall I do agree that this is a level 8 puzzle and I believe it shouldn’t take people to long to solve.
    On Saturday November 16th Dominick F. wrote,
Pretty fun to disassemble, yet challenging to reassemble. Should be a 9 or a 10, as it's probably more difficult than some lvl 10s.. Love it :)
    On Wednesday May 29th Kegen wrote,
Pretty confusing at first but I think it was more fun trying to get it back together. It took about an hour and a half to two hours.
    On Wednesday January 16th Phillip wrote,
I got it apart fairly quickly, less than 10 minutes, but had to put it down before I could attempt to re assemble. By the time I got back to it I couldn’t remember the steps exactly and spent the next 2 hours convinced that it went in a certain order. Almost gave up and cheated but decided “one more go”. changed my thinking and had it back together in 2 minutes. Thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle. Looking forward to solving EQUA next.........then NEWS.
    On Tuesday November 13th Kevin McCarthy wrote,
Very well made, and very smooth solution and movement. I would suggest buying this puzzle if you have not already! Take your time, use gravity in the begining, and enjoy!
    On Friday October 26th Tim wrote,
I now have 7 Hanayamas, and this one is my favorite. While working toward the solution, I had several moments of laughter as things that I didn't think should be possible happened. I didn't have the trouble a lot of folks had putting it back together, but that may just be based on how I came to my solution? Regardless, even having it open, it still took a few more times before really understanding. This puzzle and Padlock are my favorites so far because there's a kind of language you learn as you're working with the pieces. Cylinder even more so because everything is happening internally. Plus when together its compact, solid, and fits in a pocket if you want - great puzzle!
    On Tuesday March 22nd luxige wrote,
Very challenging and nicely made. Even as it begins to open up, much of the inner workings remain hidden. I might even rate the difficulty one level higher. Recommended.
    On Thursday December 25th Drillmaster wrote,
    On Thursday July 3rd Glynn Edward Breuer, Ph.D. wrote,
Already a personal favorite. This puzzle is well made, and fun to handle. The solution does not come without a bit of study, as it is fairly easy to get apart, but a bit more difficult to re-assemble. The suggestion from the dealer to consider it similar to opening a safe is a good description of the type of moves that are necessary. Consider that there are only twelve possible combinations of the outer rings, as each has twelve notches, and the beginning of the solution can be seen. Then it gets tricky, because careful shifting of the rings in relation to inner pieces become necessary. If you like puzzles like Enigma, Equa, H&H, Marble and Vortex, you will want this one in your collection. Fun to simply hold in the hand as a work of art.
    On Sunday February 23rd Shaggy wrote,
What a nice little puzzle! I think it is very similar to "Cast Nutcase". It seems there is not strictly one solution, due to the symmetry of two pairs of the pieces. I also solved it once, but had difficulties on my second go. After it, however, I figured out what should be done. I do not recommend it to people with weak nerves, though.
    On Saturday November 2nd Andrew Parr wrote,
I recommend Cast Cylinder because the design gives you absolutely no hint on how to open the puzzle. I fiddled around with it for about 30 minutes before I got the first "move." It didn't take too long after that to get it completely apart. Getting it back together might be a little more difficult.
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